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Recover from a 'stuck' zoom-in condition Desktop
I was playing around with the zoom feature found in the Universal Access panel of the System Preferences. I had zoomed in by pressing Command-Option-+, only to find I couldn't zoom out -- I was stuck. Thinking quickly, I knew you could toggle the ability to zoom with Command-Option-8, so I pressed that key combination and zoomed out very fast. This feature is probably utterly useless, but it looks really cool.

[robg adds: I had this happen once in 10.2, but haven't used zoom much in 10.3 yet, so I don't know if it's still possible to get stuck. In my case, I think it was because I had played around with the "min" and "max" settings under the Zoom Options button.]
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Recover from a 'stuck' zoom-in condition | 8 comments | Create New Account
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not as useless as your assessment of its usefulness
Authored by: cynikal on Jan 27, '04 12:20:56PM

i use this feature every once in a while, and would hardly deem it useless just because you don't have a use for it.

it's actually quite useful when you need to type something from across the room (or want to show someone something who's across the room) and you don't wnat to carry your mac across the room. using this feature is a lot handier than having to write the information down on paper (prone to errors), or printing it out (if it's only a few lines of informaiton, why waste the paper?).

another use for it is when you are presenting something to a group of people and want to focus their attention on one part of the screen, you can zoom onto it so they can see it better and not distract them with the rest of their screen.

but i believe it was originally created to help people who have disabilities who sometimes can't understand small text.

i don't think i'd exactly call all those uses that utterly useless

p.s. i've had this "stuck" problem happen to me as well and figured out the soluation on my own as did you.

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not as useless as your assessment of its usefulness
Authored by: sn00py on Jan 27, '04 11:15:56PM

I think, giving him benefit of doubt, the thing he meant was useless was merely the act of zooming out really fast when pressing command-option-8, not the zooming feature as a whole.

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not as useless as your assessment of its usefulness
Authored by: cynikal on Jan 28, '04 03:23:36AM

good point, i hadn't considered he may have only been talking abou the really-fast zooming out. maybe he reads these comments and can clarify for us what he meant and how strongly he feels the way he does, heh

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Useless indeed!
Authored by: sgmsbro on Jan 28, '04 08:15:44AM
I am the submitter of this hint, and using this hint to get the zoom to be unstuck is useful, but the quick zoom out effect is useless. I can't imagine a time where anyone would have to zoom out really quickly. Sorry for the ambiguity! I'm usually much more precise in my speech.

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Useless indeed!
Authored by: cynikal on Jan 28, '04 12:20:13PM

heh, i guess the ending effect is useless, but why does there need to be a usefulness assigned to it, considering you're just turning something off. whether by turning zoom off either makes the screen fully zoomed out instaltly, or just zooms out really quickly, either way, the desired outcome is achieved, and that's what's important.

anyway sorry to jump the gun there and attack your 'useless' comment (no pun intended).

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Recover from a 'stuck' zoom-in condition
Authored by: Nostromo1965 on Jan 27, '04 12:28:40PM

There's another good use for it: viewing very small, low resolution QuickTime (or any other video) file at a larger size.

I have several clips of movies from around 1900; they're in that very small QuickTime postage-stamp size, and when you tell it to "double size" or try to make it bigger, it looks very grainy.

BUT, if you use the zoom feature and zoom in on the small movie (keep it at the original size), it doesn't look as grainy. Try it. :)

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Recover from a 'stuck' zoom-in condition
Authored by: davipt on Jan 27, '04 12:57:32PM

A note for non-us users, in this case to Portuguese ones:

the keys for zoom are not in the expected place if you have a non-us keyboard.

With a Portuguese keyboard,
command-option-* is command-option-8
command-option-- is command-option-' (between 0 and +)
command-option-+ is command-option-+

I was unable to unzoom my screen until I remembered where is a "*" or a "-" in a US keyboard ;)

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Recover from a 'stuck' zoom-in condition
Authored by: iGnome on Jan 27, '04 01:25:10PM

Nice! This happens to me fairly frequently, as I use it in QuickTime. Before I'd go to System Preferences in zoom mode and turn it off and on again. I should have thought of this! :D


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