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Troubleshoot a corrupt outgoing message in Entourage Apps
I had a user whose Entourage was giving the spinning pinwheel of death (SPOD) immediately upon opening. She had replied to an email when the trouble began. There was one outgoing email sitting in her Outbox. I held down the Option key upon opening Entourage to rebuild the database, but both type of rebuilds failed to solve the problem. An fsck revealed no errors.

I went into the ~/Documents -> Microsoft User Data -> Entourage Temp folder and deleted everything in it (there was one temp file for every attempt to open Entourage; these were the result of the outgoing email). This didn't help.

I removed the identity from ~/Documents -> Microsoft User Data -> Office X Identities and Entourage became usable again. But when I put the Identities folder back, the problem was still there. So now I knew the trouble wasn't the installation of Entourage.

I tried several tricks to open Entourage and cancel the outgoing mail -- all to no avail. Then it dawned on me: what if I locked Entourage out of its own temp folder? So I went to ~/Documents -> Microsoft User Data -> Entourage Temp in the Finder, did a Get Info (in 10.2.8 Jaguar), opened Details in Ownership & Permissions and changed Access to "Read Only" under Owner. Then I opened Entourage and instead of giving me the SPOD, it threw an error. I was then able to delete the email in the Outbox and use Entourage normally.

Of course, I had to go back and assign "Read & Write" Access to the Owner of the ~/Documents -> Microsoft User Data -> Entourage Temp folder before I could send or receive any more email-- but after that things worked just fine.

As for the email reply that started all of this, when we tried to reply to that particular email, it gave us the SPOD again, so we had to do it all over again, but that was easy since I knew where to go. Since we could reply to other mail and create new mail with no problems, we deleted the errant email and replied with a new message and never looked back.
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Troubleshoot a corrupt outgoing message in Entourage
Authored by: robmorton on Jan 27, '04 01:11:17PM

I had the same issue. Mine was caused by trying to email a virus. NAV 8 flagged the issue, but caused Entourage to crash on startup. I started it some how (maybe pressing command period continuously at startup). Put it in Work Offline , deleted the message, and all was fine when I went back online. It may be easier. I wish I could remember exactly what I had to do though.

As a side, the sending of a virus was intentional. There is only one way to know how well virus software works and that is to test it.

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Troubleshoot a corrupt outgoing message in Entourage
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Jan 27, '04 04:48:26PM

at Macworld, i had a friend who's copy of Entourage would crash on launch. it turned out that an incoming email (a SPAM actually! ) was causing it to crash when entourage tried to receive it. we were able to push stop all receives and narrow it down to which account was causing it to crash. after that, we just went into webmail, and deleted all messages (they were ALL spam!)

a couple of days ago, i had Entourage do the same thing to me! it was much harder to get my copy to work offline (faster internet connection = less time to start downloading email) but once i had it narrowed down, i was able to log into webmail for that account, and delete the offending message (again, it turned out to be SPAM)

i can only hope that Entourage 2004 is a more stable beast.

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Troubleshoot a corrupt outgoing message in Entourage
Authored by: bughouse on Jan 27, '04 06:37:03PM

every once in a while, people at my company will complain about entourage crashing when trying to open a particular email message. i found i was also unable to delete the offending message (the app crashes on selecting the message), but i discovered that disabling the preview pane will allow the message to be selected and deleted.

i suggest this tactic as a first measure to get rid of crash-inducing emails in entourage. i have never had the 'outgoing' problem of the original post, but trying this method would probably work for that as well.


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Troubleshoot a corrupt outgoing message in Entourage
Authored by: mortalcoil on Feb 03, '04 06:49:20PM

I had the same problem with the incoming mail crashing Entourage. Tried everything, including reinstalling (what a waste that was). Narrowed down to a spam also. I'm just wondering what's in the spam that crashed Entourage. Anyone know?

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Troubleshoot a corrupt outgoing message in Entourage
Authored by: wsdr on Mar 14, '04 05:49:14PM

As a follow-up, I make it a general rule to turn off the preview pane on systems I set up. Also, I give the users a stern warning that the preview pane is probably the #1 reason that viruses get through-- plus it instantly identifies you to those spammers who include a reference graphic in their junk mail.

Regarding the issue where incoming mail can cause Entourage to crash, this is not uncommon either, and the exact same problem can affect Outlook Express. I get a call on this about every 3 weeks or so (I have 300+ email users to tend to). We run an email server based on EIMS for about 30 companies (well, 10 now that we've begun to transition users to a different server). From time to time a message will come in that has a stray CR or LF (not sure which one) and this causes the MS products to freak-out. A trip to webmail, or the excellent shareware POPMonitor, usually reveals a piece of junk mail that is the culprit-- and it is usually the very first item in the list.

Now that we've moved to a Linux-based server running Exim & Courier, this problem is gone. Apparently there is a filter for EIMS that is supposed to prevent this, but I find that it doesn't always catch the errant messages.

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