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10.3: Customize toolbar aliases Desktop

A. Add aliases to your toolbar

  1. Add aliases to the top of your toolbar by dragging the icon of the file or folder over a finder window toolbar.
  2. Wait a few seconds until a plus appears next to the filename, then let go.
  3. You now have an alias to that item on the top of every browser window.

B. Customize Toolbar Aliases

  1. Create an alias of the folder you want to add to your toolbar
  2. Rename the alias to something shorter.
  3. Follow the above instructions to add this alias file to a finder window toolbar.
  4. Clicking on this item in your toolbar now takes you to the original folder.
  5. store the alias file you created in a common aliases folder or within the original folder (maybe in a folder "zzz" so that it is out of your way).

C. Reorder/Delete Toolbar Aliases

  1. Hold the command-key and drag a toolbar alias to reorder.
  2. Drag the toolbar alias off of the window to remove it.
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10.3: Customize toolbar aliases
Authored by: adrianm on Jan 26, '04 02:06:01PM
This capability has been around since 10.2 ... maybe even earlier (the shelf on NeXT was a major feature).

Panther's side bar has made it less useful now, but still a good tip.

Of course, once it's on your toolbar, you can drop things on it like you would if it was in the Finder itself or in the Dock.

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10.3: Customize toolbar aliases
Authored by: tron_thomas on Jan 27, '04 12:39:48PM

I used to keep a tool bar icon that would SAMBA share point on my Finder tool bar in Jaguar. Panther won't let me place a SAMBA alias in the side bar. Being able to put the alias on the tool bar has helped restore that functionality again.

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10.3: Customize toolbar aliases
Authored by: cudaboy_71 on Jan 26, '04 03:21:31PM

ya...this was around as far back as the PB, IIRC. still a cool feature...tho i expected them to be springloaded along with the rest of the finder somewhere along the way. makes them a lot less useful (especially since the sidebar *IS* springloaded).

all we need now is *right* sidebar and a 'basement' shelf and we can store schtuff all around our windows :D

if it aint broke, break it!

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10.3: Customize toolbar aliases
Authored by: Zo-1 on Jan 29, '04 06:10:20AM

You mean, springloaded like they were just last year, in Jaguar.

File this under, What Were They Thinking.

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Nothing too new
Authored by: mm2270 on Jan 26, '04 04:56:52PM

As has been pointed out, it's basically the same functionality as what was in earlier releases of OS X. In fact, I submitted a hint similar to this when Panther first hit the streets, though with not as many optional ways to do it.

I agree with others that it's not quite as useful as earlier implementations though because of the lack of "spring-loadedness" In fact, you can't even simply drag something on to them, whether the alias is a folder or app icon. It just doesn't recognize drag-and-drop, so it's only good for locations that you need to view quickly, rather than anything you need to place files into.

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Nothing too new
Authored by: adrianm on Jan 26, '04 06:08:46PM

You _can_ drag things to items on the toolbar. eg. drag textedit to the toolbar then drag a rtf or text file onto it. Whether you can drop things on it depends on whether the target can accept it.

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Also try...
Authored by: mccabem on Mar 04, '04 04:09:35AM

Also try holding down command+option while you drag and drop, so it an alias. This is a more general trick to get applications to "accept" documents from Finder that they ordinarily wouldn't.

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