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10.3: Watch out for 'font overload' with FontBook Apps
Are you seeing this error in your logs: [NSCFString characterAtIndex:]: Range or index out of bounds? If so, it may be a problem with your fonts. Fontbook is a a great way to manage your fonts, but don't be fooled into thinking it's the end-all and be-all of font management systems.

DON'T drag a folder of 5000 fonts into Fontbook and expect things to work. Most applications have a hard-set limit as to how many fonts they can work with, and many (including Apple's iChat, Mail, and Safari) will behave oddly or downright crash if the font database is overloaded. The error above is a result of this overloading. Use Fontbook's Enable/Disable buttons to keep most of your fonts offline. Make custom collections of the fonts you need for your projects, and only bring one online at a time.

Another problem isn't so much due to Fontbook the application as it is the ATSServer system resource. ATSServer is responsible for notifying running applications that the fonts available have changed. If you have a half dozen programs running and drop a folder of 700 fonts into Fontbook, ATSServer will notify each app, for each font. This will take a long time and eat lots of CPU cycles, but worse than that, some apps (like one or more of the three above) start to eat memory and virtual memory on your hard drive. It ate the remaining 6GB on my machine and still wanted more. Make SURE you close all running applications before installing that many fonts at once, and then only install a hundred or so at a time (because Finder and Fontbook, at least, will still be running).

[robg adds: A previous hint explains another possible cause of the Range or index out of bounds error message.]

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10.3: Watch out for 'font overload' with FontBook
Authored by: imageworx on Jan 23, '04 01:12:32PM

I recommend using Font Reserve or Suitcase if you need to manage fonts.
Fontbook is just a simple solution for average user. If you have 5000 fonts, you are not an average user (IMHO).

(Font Reserve now bought by either there will be an update or meld into Suitcase...stay tuned)

To BeOS or Not to BeOS

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10.3: Watch out for 'font overload' with FontBook
Authored by: gunnmjk on Jan 23, '04 05:06:32PM

Now if I could only figure out what this error means:

2004-01-23 13:43:16.487 Mail[1066] failed to append message <POPMessage: 0x4283a30> (_rangeOfBytes: Out of bounds)

when is open.

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10.3: Watch out for 'font overload' with FontBook
Authored by: rb3 on May 25, '04 10:27:25PM

For whatever it's worth, my MDD G4 running 10.3.3 is logging the dame G-D thing, over and over and over. I found your post via Google, and I'm off to see what else I can learn. If I make any progress, I'll let you know.

512Ke, SE/30, 7500, PMG4/DualGig

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10.3: Watch out for 'font overload' with FontBook
Authored by: mwarhurst on Jan 04, '05 02:42:37AM

I have had the same problem for several months. Looking on google, a few postings mentioned that it might be due to emails with zero length & suggested using a webmail interface to delete them - this did not work for me (no unusual emails were visible).

I tried running an old copy of Entourage vX on the email account that was generating errors & it downloaded two emails which Mail had missed. I deleted them & the problem has gone away.

This may also work with other email clients (e.g. Eudora, Thunderbird).

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