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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP Network
After recently installing a wireless router, I decided to un-retire an old but functional HP LaserJet 6MP and see if I could incorporate it into my network -- one desktop Mac, two 'Books, all running OS X 10.3. The process turned out to be a bit more involved than I had first thought, mainly because of a lack of documentation. Hopefully the steps below will assist others attempting something similar. In figuring out this process, I was able to assemble a number of pieces of information from around the web, including several hints -- and especially the comments -- directly from macosxhints, #1 and #2 in particular. In contrast to several other approaches I have seen, the technique below did not require using CUPS (directly) or Gimp-Print.

The first step was to buy a print server: I settled on the HPS1P by Hawking Technology, because (1) it was relatively cheap (under $50), (2) it was advertised as working with Macs, and (3) some of their other products have received positive reviews on this site. However, opening the box revealed no instructions for Macs at all. Looking through their web site wasn't much help either. However, it all works in the end, as described below. Connecting the hardware was easy: the HPS1P connects directly to the parallel port on the LaserJet, then a standard ethernet cable runs from the print server to one of the unused LAN ports on the wireless router. In fact, the HPS1P is small enough to fit inside the port cover on the LaserJet. Tip: Power on the print server before the printer.

Figuring out how to set up the printer on each Mac was slightly more challenging. Here are the steps that worked for me:

  1. Find out the IP address of the printer. Since my router assigns addresses via DHCP, as soon as the print server was connected an IP address was assigned to it. One way to find this address is to use the web interface of the wireless router ( is fairly common). Alternatively, in one could type arp -a -n and look for the IP address corresponding to the MAC address of the print server (printed on a small white label attached to the back of the print server).
  2. Launch Printer Setup Utility. Click on "Add Printer..." and select "IP Printing" from the drop-down menu at the top. Select "LPD/LPR" from the next drop-down. In the "Printer Address:" text box, type in the IP address found in the previous step. It likely will be something like
  3. This is the key step that I only discovered through trial and error: in the "Queue Name:" text box, type lpt1. (It was not case sensitive in my tests.) Other suggestions, such as typing lp or leaving it blank, did not work!
  4. Select "HP" as the "Printer Model," then scroll (way) down to "HP LaserJet 6P/6MP - PostScript". Then click the "Add" button.
  5. The printer will now be named "lpt1_on_192.168.2.100" in the Printer List. Select the printer there (click once), then click on "Show Info". Now you can change the name of the printer that you will see in the print dialogs to something a bit more recognizable. Click "Apply Changes" then click the little red close widget in the top left corner of the Printer Info window when done.
  6. Print a test document from any app to confirm that the printer is working! (You might also check with CUPS (at http://localhost:631) and in the Terminal (by typing lpstat -t) that all is in working order.)
Steps 2 - 6 need to be repeated on each Mac that you wish to access the printer. My 'Books can now print to the LaserJet from anywhere in the house via AirPort. Excellent!

One unresolved issue that I haven't explored is what happens should power to the router be lost. In that case, the printer might be assigned a different IP address by the DHCP. I suspect this problem could be avoided by using arp -s to assign a fixed address to the printer (indeed, the same IP address as originally given in step 1 above), as described in this hint. Also, the documentation suggests that it should be possible to set up the print server as an AppleTalk printer, but I was unable to get that to work. Nor would trying "Internet Printer Protocol" (IPP), despite following the Linux instructions (more or less) in the manual.

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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: imageworx on Jan 22, '04 11:26:06AM

This confused me first! :)

I thought you added a Wireless Print Server to your HP 6MP. (
But really, you only added an Ethernet Print Server to your HP and then can print from your wireless mac.

Tip: many wireless routers now have print-server port built-in. Locate the router near the printer (or a long IEEE1294 cable) and you can have the same.

But you can also add the above Wireless print server and have even more fun!

To BeOS or Not to BeOS

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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: ab on Jan 22, '04 12:33:59PM

I have a LaserJet 6p, a very similar printer. I added it to my network by purchasing a Belekin Centronics to USB adapter and plugging it into the USB port of my Airport Extreme. I then treated the printer as a Jet Direct Printer on setup. The device URI is:


Treating it as a Jet Direct was the only way to get my client machine to recognize the printer. The Airport would show it by it's proper name but the client machine would complain about a missing driver. Selecting Socket/Jet Direct from the Printer setup utility and putting the ip address of he Airport did the trick for me.


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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: scotty321 on Jan 22, '04 01:57:30PM

All you need is a wireless router that supports AppleTalk. Nothing more. Then, simply check the AppleTalk box in your Network system preferences under your Airport connection. My personal favorite wireless router that supports AppleTalk is Asante's FriendlyNET FR1004AL. Visit Asante's website at <>. That's it -- you can now print wirelessly to ANY AppleTalk-based printer.

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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: Notch Johnson on Jan 23, '04 12:04:41AM

I also have this printer and it is integrated in my wireless network. This printer has built-in LocalTalk so I use a Snow AirPort with an iPrint adapter. The iPrint is just a LocalTalk to EtherTalk bridge. That's it.

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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: blackshadow on Jan 22, '04 02:05:54PM

I also have an HP 6MP and I just used an HP JetDirect 300x External Print Server. I connected the 6MP to 300x via the parallel port and the the 300x connects to my wireless router via the ethernet port. Then the 6MP shows up as an AppleTalk printer.

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Print Server is configurable
Authored by: dintal on Jan 22, '04 06:25:46PM

once you have the DHCP assigned address of the printer, just point your standard web browser at the ip address and you will be able to assign the print server a static IP address so you won't have to worry about power outages or DHCP leases ending.

i'm sure there are other configurations you can mess with as well. (almost all IP connected devices are configurable via HTTP nowadays, btw)

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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: ururk on Jan 22, '04 07:54:40PM

On HP print servers, when using IP printing, the Queue Name needs to be


YMMV, so check the documentation. This particular part of setting up a print server is very unobvious.

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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: Mac Dose on Jan 23, '04 08:06:10AM

In addition: The queue name on a Dlink parport print server may be "lp" (ell pee without quotes) and on a Linux Server "pr1" (pee ar one without quotes) for the first parport, "pr2" for the second port.

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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: cpragman on Jan 23, '04 08:23:39PM

The Hawking manual doesn't speak of macs directly, but it's instructions for UNIX/LINUX were helpful for me.

If you follow the UNIX/LINUX instructions, you get instructions on how to download the configuration file from the Hawking print server, modify the config file to give it a static IP, and then upload the modified filed back the the Hawking server.

This way, the IP address of the device won't change every time you have a power failure.

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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: winstonsmith on Sep 26, '04 04:48:50PM

Here's how I got IPP printing to work with my Hawking HPS12U (like the
HPS1 + 2 USB ports) and HP LaserJet 6MP. I pointed my browser to the
print server, used the Setup Wizard to set the PORT1 Name to 'ipp/HP' and
saved that setting (which included the browser rebooting the print server).
I then used the Printer Setup Utility to add a printer at that IP location
and with a queue name 'HP' (sans 'ipp/').

I don't understand why the Printer Setup Utility insists on inserting that
'ipp/' in the CUPS DeviceURI, but it least on my new G5 10.3.5
system. It didn't do that to me on my G4 10.3.x system (which is now
running 10.3.5, but probably wasn't when I originally got IPP printing
set up). I figured this out by looking at the /etc/cups/printers.conf file
on the two machines.

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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: winstonsmith on Sep 26, '04 05:03:35PM

Ah, now I remember! I used CUPS to configure my G4 printer, not the
Mac Printer Setup Utility. Connect browser to and
Manage Printers. Etc. E.g, set a DeviceURI = ip p://192.168.xx.yy/lpt1.
A second way to get IPP printing working.

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Enable wireless printing to an HP LaserJet 6MP
Authored by: kwsanders on Jun 20, '05 12:44:25AM

Good tip. You saved me from purchasing a new printer. I finally got my HP 5L printing from my Power Mac tonight after finding this tip!

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Snow Leopard
Authored by: oblahdioblidaa on Sep 11, '09 12:53:35PM

With Snow Leopard dropping AppleTalk printing, this hint would probably allow a trusty AppleTalk printer new life, though I haven't tried the setup yet.

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