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Create iSync connections to a Nokia 6600 Apps
I got myself a new Nokia 6600 which, according to Nokia, is a Series 60 Symbian phone, and thus according to Apple iSync website, fully supported. However, even after pairing the phone to the Mac, iSync does not decect the phone and thus will not allow syncing. Well here's how to fix it ... I'm assuming Apple with patch it shortly but I couldn't wait!

To do this you will need to be handy with a text editor; I used vi because you need to tinker with files owned by root.

First off, backup the old data! (always a good idea)

% cd /System/Library/SyncServices/SymbianConduit.bundle/Contents/
% tar -cf ~/isync-backup.tar Resources
Now you need to edit some of the files in the Resources directory

% cd Recources
Make an icon for the phone.. I just copied one of the others:

% sudo cp N-Gage.tiff 6600.tiff
Next edit this file: SupportedDevicesInfo

% sudo vi SupportedDevicesInfo
And add the following after the N-Gage details:

    <string>Nokia 6600</string>
Edit SymbianConduit_phones.plist

% sudo vi SymbianConduit_phones.plist
Add this entry:

  <key>Nokia--separator--Nokia 6600</key>
All done; start up iSync and add a device. Assuming you have the phone paired, iSync will now find the phone.
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Or just use the patched conduit...
Authored by: luggi on Jan 20, '04 02:18:35PM

For us lazy guys, zipped the patched conduit file, sparing you the use of any text editor.
Just download
then drag it to
(you'll have to identify yourself as administration user) and repair rights with the disk utility.

That's easy, huh?

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Or just use the patched conduit...
Authored by: tillintallin on Feb 15, '04 02:09:36PM

oh no...

...isync 'finds' my 6600, then pretends to connect but then does not sync. Instead i get this
"Can't synchronize calendars and To Do items to NU.tille: device is not available" ...please? till...

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Authored by: ericdraw on Oct 19, '04 05:56:18AM

Dear Luggi,

If have read at this site that it is possible to use a nokia 6230 in isync.
When i klick on the link nothing happens. Please can you help me put here?


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iSync with Nokia 6230 ??
Authored by: chuck3000 on Jul 02, '05 12:12:19AM

So I made the changes as noted here, in hopes they'd work with my PB/iSync and Nokia 6230. It didn't.

Why is it that Bluetooh pairs just fine with the PB, but iSync won't sync?

I've messed with Phone Director -- -- a bit, but don't want to have to manage another location for my phone, calendar, etc, when iSync should just allow my exising apps to work.

does anyone have any further suggestions to getting this 6230i to sync with isync ??

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Create iSync connections to a Nokia 6600
Authored by: Thom on Jan 21, '04 12:36:41PM

I'm currently on Sprint PCS and I sincerely doubt the Sony-Ericsson T608 will ever be available to me. Nor did their sales rep have any idea what bluetooth meant. Bye, Sprint PCS. I'm surprised it took me this long.

Okay, so I need to switch. I thought I had it all figured out. By comparing Apple's 'compatible devices' list with different vendors' phone offerings, I determined that here in the USA, I could get a 3650 from T-Mobile, all set up, fine.

However, once I saw this hint I decided to compare the 3650 with the 6600, and of course I like the 6600 better. But Nokia's page doesn't even appear to offer the 6600 in the USA. Is this correct?

Where can I get a 6600 and will it work with T-Mobile (in the USA)?
If I were to get the enabler card from T-Mobile and pop it into this phone, would it work correctly?



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Create iSync connections to a Nokia 6600
Authored by: basskiwi on Feb 12, '04 04:43:03AM

I've managed to the the iSync connection working fine using this hint. The only problem now is the address book -> 6600 bluetooth link. It just refuses to work (although the address book icon changes to blue).

Do you have that working?

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Create iSync connections to a Nokia 6230!
Authored by: trevbucky on May 04, '04 12:08:12AM

I was wondering if through using this basic idea , whether you could get one of Nokias new 6230 bluetooth phones to sync with iSync....



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Create iSync connections to a Nokia 6230!
Authored by: jonpanky on Jun 09, '04 08:04:01AM

I would also love to know if there is a hack for the 6230.

many thanks

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Create iSync connections to a Nokia 6230!
Authored by: grinten on Feb 24, '05 09:28:52AM

Is there any news about the iSync possibilities of the 6230?

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Create iSync connections to a Nokia 6600
Authored by: Bryan Grant on Sep 18, '04 05:28:58PM

Well I decided to test the waters. I went to the T-Mobile store and bought the Ipaq 6000 series as well as Nokia's 6600 and N-Gage phones. Previously I owned a Sony-Ericsson phone, but with the contacts limited to 500 entries and the TERRIBLE calling quality, it is currently and circularly filed in the back of my desk drawer. I have heard similar reviews about the current Sony-Ericsson phones, so you can skip them as well.

The HP IPAQ, after about $60 worth of Software MOSTLY works. I had to upgrade Isync from 1.3 to 1.5 and upgrade BT to 1.5, which took FOREVER. However, there is NO SUPPORT TO SYNC Entourage NOTES, or another form of Notes. All the rest managed to sync. PocketMac has not indicated any plans to support this. Also, DO NOT believe their hype about the GoBetween software solving the Nokia sync problems. Save you money. It relies on iSync, and basically is a half-baked improvement over Berkowitz's Entourage-Address Book Sync script, which does not work if you have several hundred active contacts. I have around 1400, so I am just out of luck.

Now then on to the Nokias.... Neither of these phones will do anything beyond a simple file browse using BT with the latest and greatest Mac OS with all the service updates. And then, the File Services are, shall we say, unpredictable. I have tried the VI script-editing thing, but Isync 1.5 matches that which I was told to add to the script, so it SHOULD work. Basically, both devices just say that my personal firewall is blocking port 300"x" or another, and then craps out.

At least T-Mobile has a 14-day return plan. Back to my good old bomber Motorola Time Port. It is not fancy but at least the Phone is good with all the reception and call quality.

Neighbors, save your time and money and just skip the trepidations.

Mac is just not with it in this department, despite all the marketing hype.

PS The file at that is supposed to address this matter is no longer at the URL and did not leave anyway to find it. Like, I said before, skip this whole mess and use the Mac for what it is meant for.. Looking pretty and doing very little that is new and fun.

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Create iSync connections to a Nokia 6600
Authored by: mchmarny on Sep 27, '04 08:08:17PM

I seemed to have copy over my 6600.tifff file. Any chance someone could point me to a copy on line? (or copy of their somewhere where i can get to :)


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