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Fix BBEdit's 'Open Selection' service Apps
I recently bought BBEdit 7 after having tried almost every other serious editor available for the Mac. Mostly, I like it a lot, although it's lack of macros and temporary marks is a little annoying.

What is really annoying, however, is that when I select text in any other application (Safari for instance), then select BBEdit -> Open Selection from that app's Services menu, the OS 9 BBEdit icon appears for about one second in the dock, even though I am using the OSX version. It then vanishes without opening a new document with the text. After some experimentation, I discovered a way to make it work:
  1. Make a backup copy of BBEdit on the Desktop in case you make a mistake
  2. Quit BBEdit if it is running, then select the BBEdit 7 icon
  3. Choose "Show Package Contents" (control-click to see the context menu with this option)
  4. Trash the BBedit icon you now see (it's in the same folder as the "Contents" folder)
  5. Double-click the Contents folder
  6. Trash the entire "MacOSClassic" folder
  7. Empty the trash
I expect this would stop it from loading in the Classic environment, but I never need to edit in the Classic environment anyway.
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Fix BBEdit's 'Open Selection' service
Authored by: ssevenup on Jan 19, '04 11:44:27AM

In my brief expermiment I found that iTerm exhibited this behavior. Firebird and Thunderbird are the two apps I am most likely to want to use this with. Both of them display the BBEdit services as greyed out so there is little point in my fixing BBEdit in the way described :-( Thank's for the tip anyway. Maybe I will report this to BareBones.


Mark Moorcroft
Sys. Admin.

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Yes, ditch the Classic version
Authored by: mr_rangr on Jan 19, '04 11:44:29AM

I have some BBEdit AppleScripts and the inclusion of BBEdit's Classic version interferes with my AppleScript, causing it to hang, and the syntax just blows up, probably due to the inclusion of Classic BBEdit's incompatible AppleScript Dictionary.

I didn't pick up on this until I used Apple's Script Editor to Open Dictionaries, and saw several Classic App dictionaries, including one for Photoshop Elements.

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Macros in BBEdit
Authored by: jolinwarren on Jan 19, '04 12:03:13PM

Just a note:

> although it's lack of macros

Though it might not have macros, BBEdit does have good AppleScript support. You might want to have a look into this as this should accomplish a lot of what you would do with macros.

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Fix BBEdit's 'Open Selection' service
Authored by: bluehz on Jan 19, '04 12:25:32PM

The BBedit "services" have not worked for me since upgrading to Panther. I tried this hint and it seemed to have no effect... although I did not restart or logout/in yet - if that makes a difference.

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A better solution?
Authored by: Greedo on Jan 19, '04 12:46:47PM

Instead of step 4 in the original hint (trash the alias icon), do a "Get Info" on it. You will see that it is an alias to

I would guess that if you could change this to point to the OS X executable instead, that would be better than trashing everything. However, the "Select New Original..." button in the info window doesn't allow you to go "into" .app directories to select new originals. And, looking at the alias through shows that it's not a symlink, so I don't know if using

ln -s ...
would do it.

(FWIW, this kind of alias exists in most Adobe apps as well.)

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A better solution?
Authored by: HJFriedrich on May 20, '04 05:40:14AM

You are right, you cannot change inside a .app directory using the finder view. But the "go to directory"-command works here as usual (command-shift-g). Then you can type in the path (don't forget the .app)

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Fix BBEdit's 'Open Selection' service
Authored by: zokdok on Jan 19, '04 02:18:43PM

I must say that everything here works as one would suspect, no troubles whatsoever with the classic part (I never have Classic running either).
Services menu and BBEdit are working together as they should...

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Fix BBEdit's 'Open Selection' service
Authored by: plr on Jan 20, '04 03:30:39AM

I had this problem in Panther and fixed it by simply refreshing LaunchServices. No poking around in package contents required.

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BBEdit and Macros
Authored by: sjonke on Jan 20, '04 10:33:00AM

I'm not sure what you mean by macros, but BBEdit has excellent AppleScript support as well as the ability to run shell scripts, perl, etc, from within the application. Aside from looking at the documentation and help, check out the "Scripts", "Unix Scripts" and "Unix Filters" palettes in the Window menu. You can add to these menus, set command keys, etc. In addition there is the concept of glossaries which are easily overlooked. Powerful stuff.

--- What?

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Fix BBEdit's 'Open Selection' service
Authored by: sukeroku on Jan 20, '04 11:38:14AM

thanks for the tip. i've always wondered about the services.

i just thought i'd point out that bbedit DOES allow temporary marks. the icon with an "M" on it (a few to the right of the pencil icon) in an open file is the marker menu. or you can control click some selected text to access the menu.

hope this helps!

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