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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages Web Browsers
Okay, this happened to a friend and I. Safari just suddenly stopped working for us. It acted like it was loading the page, but it never actually displayed anything. It would just hang there and do nothing. Another hint that you might be having this problem is when you load up your Console (in Applications, Utilities), you get error messages like:

2003-12-28 02:35:42.830 Safari[365] *** -[NSCFString characterAtIndex:]:
  Range or index out of bounds
2003-12-28 02:35:43.766 Safari[365] ***NSTimer discarding exception
  'NSRangeException' (reason
  '*** -[NSCFString characterAtIndex:]: Range or index out of bounds')
  that raised during firing of timer with target 192c670 and selector
This seems to happen after installing Windows True Type fonts on your Mac. I'm not exactly sure what about the fonts caused Safari to explode, but I seem to have found a way to fix it.

Basically, you just go into your Safari preferences and change the font, and then you can change it back after you can see that Safari will load pages again. It appears that the default font that seems to cause trouble is Times. You might be using something else, but it's a worth a shot to try this anyway. If it won't let you change the font in Safari (it wouldn't let me do this), you can go into Font Book under Applications and temporarily disable the font. Then open up Safari and it should be using a different font (Helvetica for me). Then it started loading pages again for me.

Of course, if you liked Times better, you can then go back, reenable Times, and set it back again. I did this just fine, and am currently using Safari with the Times font again. Everything I wrote here worked fine for me, but I have yet to see if it'll work for my friend.

[robg adds: This seems like an issue related to one particular font; I have several Windows TrueType fonts on my machine, and Safari is working just fine ... but it does point to the subtle nature of font problems -- it's odd to connect a page not loading with a font issue; you'd think the page would just load with a default font instead.]
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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages
Authored by: designr on Jan 16, '04 12:45:39PM

One and only one copy of Helvetica is required to run Safari (as well as TextEdit, etc). Any version of Helvetica is ok (ps, DFont, TT, etc).

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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jan 16, '04 07:38:30PM
While any version of Helvetica will work, some seem to have problems with unicode.

At work I use Suitcase X1 to control fonts (I work in prepress). Because we always use the customer supplied fonts for a particular job, and since you can't remove Helvetica from the system, as you could with OS 9, I have Suitcase override the system fonts.

What happens is this; when you load a different version of Helvetica, and usually we are using an Adobe PostScript version, any text using Helvetica in Safari will become garbled, looking like a bunch of nonsense. This is true in Mail and iChat as well. Also I've had iChat quit due to changing the version of Helvetica.

Interestingly, if you change the pint size in Safari (usually to a smaller size) the page becomes readable again. This isn't just with Helvetica either... I've seen it with Garamond and Arial also. And not just in Apple's apps. Quark 6 will display the fonts incorrectly, as does Suitcase, but Quark 5 running in classic does not.

I was able to fix this on a few fonts by opening the printer font in either FontLab or Fontographer in Classic and generating a new suitcase. This makes me think the problem lies with older fonts.

Also I can't say I've had this problem at home either (I just did a test and it was okay... so it must be with certain fonts)

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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jan 16, '04 08:37:05PM
I just noticed that this does affect my mac at home. Here is a screen shot from the address line in Mail, showing the garbled Helvetica font, after a PostScript version was turned on in Suitcase.


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Authored by: 5chm31din6 on Jan 16, '04 01:01:48PM

Uh, it's "me and a friend," not a "friend and I." But I digress. Thanks for the tip -- I have had the same trouble with Windows fonts. This tip solved that.

Signature, schmignature.

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Authored by: bobsf on Jan 23, '04 07:18:13PM

It's grammar, not grammer. Get over yourself.

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Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Jan 24, '04 01:42:48AM

Actually, proper grammar IS "a friend and I". I learned that many years ago from more than one English teacher, and more than one book on grammar. Interesting when people mistake common usage for techically proper grammar. But either sounds fine to me--I use both.

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Authored by: mdouma46 on Apr 13, '04 01:35:33AM
"Actually, proper grammar IS "a friend and I"."

Yes, when you're talking about the subject of a sentence, but not when you're referring to the direct object of a transitive verb.

It happened to me.

It happened to I.

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Authored by: sipatel on Feb 02, '04 06:12:47AM

Quite right! The secret is to leave your friend out and ask yourself does "this happened to I" sound right? If not, use "me".

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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages
Authored by: klktrk on Jan 16, '04 02:26:17PM

sigh. how many is this now? three... four... tips in the last week on working around Safari's limitations?

Thank god for Camino.

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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages
Authored by: sciontific on Jan 16, '04 05:07:32PM

I found the font "Times RO" to be the culprit. This was installed by an HP All-In-One printer driver.

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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages
Authored by: cookiehead on Jan 16, '04 09:51:58PM

My highly repeatable/portable experience is that Panther + Suitcase X1 11.0.2 + any fonts from The Font Company (big, wonderfully drawn library from the late 80s/early 90s) = no WebCore anything.

No iChat, no Safari, no Mail, no Help.

What a buzzkill.

If anybody out there is successfully using the above combination, I'd like to hear about it -- the possibility exists that my particular copy of this library is poo.

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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages
Authored by: macgirl on Jul 02, '04 04:54:58PM

OH MY GOD, I have the exact same problem with Safari and FC fonts. Since Panther and the newest version of Safari, mine has been crashing (instead of hanging, like it used to) when these fonts are activated via Suitcase X1. Insanely annoying! There's few things more infuriating than having Safari bomb when testing/running Flash for web viewing. I don't understand the relationship between fonts and the OS enough to fight this problem. If someone could explain it to me, I'd be able to give up more gracefully.

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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages
Authored by: howi on Jan 17, '04 06:06:23PM

read this in the Apple KB
:-) howi

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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages
Authored by: camine on Jun 10, '04 05:07:56PM

Problems in FONT BOOK IN OS X 10.3.4

This is what I did to solve my problem. It turns out that as I was "Resolving Duplicates" in my font book yesterday, somehow one of my Helvetica (HelveticaNeue 1) was turned off in the system by Font Book. As I hit forum after forum on-line, a trend became clear that you should really never "Resolve Duplicates". EVER. (buggy) Enabling and Disabling seem to be wary as well, I will see in the future.
I added the font HelveticaNeue 1 to my user / library / fonts folder and am back in business. This is how I solved MY problem, I don't know if it will help others. Now all my applications that were not responding - Safari, Text Edit, Help, Mail, Address book..... are back. All I did was add that Helvetica font to my fonts.
Hope this helps all who are flailing around at the moment!
I would still like to know if I can trash font Book all together and work from my Fonts folder, adding fonts as I use them. The Font Book is just too... beta?

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Check fonts if Safari won't load any pages
Authored by: abfabulous on Oct 05, '04 09:17:01AM

Thanks for all the hints. When Helvetica was mentioned I realized the problem on my system was that suitcase 11, which I had set to automatically turn helvetica "on" had stopped doing so. Once I turned helvetica back on again, safari loaded just fine. Now if I could just figure out why my os x mail program has suddenly stopped working...

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Safari won't load
Authored by: bonanza234 on Nov 04, '09 10:17:05AM

Thanks so ever much. For no reason, Safari wouldn't load. I also have Firefox and it worked fine. I tried everything usual to no avail. Then I read this fix. I went into my Safari preferences and changed the font and "voila" Safari works just fine. I never would had guessed that. Thanks again.

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