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10.3: Add support for certain CD/DVD devices System
As some hints mentioned before, it seems that Apple changed the way CD/DVD drives are registered by the System. But if you take a closer look at the Frameworks installed by 10.3.2, you'll find our well known drprofiles. The relevant item is called DeviceSupport.drprofile and is located at /System -> Library -> Frameworks -> DiscRecording.framework -> Versions -> A -> DiscRecordingEngine.framework -> Versions -> A -> Resources -> DeviceSupport.drprofile.

Now that we know where Panther hides its drive profiles, it's easy: Just edit the file with root permissions and paste the specific personality description for your drive. It should look like this (e.g. for my NEC ND-1100A FW 1A1):

      <string>DVD+RW ND-1100A</string>
    <string>NEC ND-1100A</string>

My NEC is now recognized by the Finder, iTunes, and Disc Utility. All operations supported by the drive, such as read/write CD-Rs, read/write DVD+Rs, read/write/erase CD-RWs, and read/write/erase DVD+RWs now work flawlessly and reliably.

I'm not really sure. wether this hint works for other drives. Just give it a try!

[robg adds: This hint is similar to this existing hint. During an email conversation with werkone, however, he stated that the original hint failed for him, and changing the actual system file was the only way he could make this work. If you choose to try this, you should definitely back up the master file first, and be aware that future system upgrades may overwrite the work you've done. The preferred method is clearly the user-specific file discussed in the earlier hint, but if that fails, you may wish to try this one, too.]

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10.3: Add support for certain CD/DVD devices
Authored by: airdrummer on Jan 19, '04 09:30:25PM

tried this, but no go...guess it doesn't work for usb cdrs, eh?

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10.3: Add support for certain CD/DVD devices
Authored by: hasenmaus on Jan 31, '04 09:57:31AM

I believe I may have found the right area to resolve my question. I have a beige G3 with a Sonnet G4 upgrade processor. I modified my Mac with a Samsung internal CD-R/RW SW-248B drive. It works great under OS 9.2.2, but in System 10.2.8 the Apple System Profiler indicates that disc burning is not an option with this drive.

It is a real hassle to have to reboot and start-up in OS 9 in order to burn a CD. Is there a work-around to get OS 10.2.8 to recognize that this drive can burn CDs?


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10.3: Add support for certain CD/DVD devices
Authored by: isilver on Feb 01, '04 07:12:26PM

The easiest way to fix this probelm is to use a little application called "Patchburn 1" - Patchburn for Jaguar. Use MacUPdate or VersionTracker to find a copy if this link doesn't work:

You can read lots about these issues at, there is a Drive Compatibility database to find specific info, and believe me there is lots of it,

If you upgrade to Panther you will have to go through this process again using "PatchBurn 2" which is for Panther.

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10.3: Add support for certain CD/DVD devices
Authored by: ChristophWilhelm on May 02, '04 08:49:16AM

As long as Apple keeps the "DRDevicePersonalities" token to identify DVD devices, you easily locate the corresponding files in the frameworks by typing into a (tcsh-)terminal window:

chris# cd /System/Library/Frameworks/DiscRecording.framework
chris# find . -name "*" -exec grep "DRDevicePersonalities" \{\} \; -print

This will result in something like:


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10.3: Add support for certain CD/DVD devices
Authored by: mech_filter on Jun 21, '04 02:15:34AM

This hint is presently kind of pointless. Whatever you accomplish with it can be more easily done via the instructions in this hint: This hint may have been useful at some point, as I hear that the hint I've provide a URL to stopped working for a while immediately after Panther's release. But it definitely works again.

And even if this one here works, it will be undone by the next OS revision, because you are modifying files in /System (rarely a good idea), which will be replaced by the new OS installer.

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