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Use Pixory to share iPhoto albums directly from your Mac Apps
If you are tired of fiddling around with .mac photo uploads and worrying about storage quotas, or if you are interested in being able to access and compose albums directly online, try out Pixory.

Pixory is a free, pure Java web application that comes packaged as an OS X application. There are many free PHP-based photo sharing systems out there, but these can be difficult to set up, requiring integration of the web server, PHP, an RDBMS, and thumbnailing libraries. In contrast, Pixory is a completely self-contained application that requires zero installation and setup. Just double-click to run.

Pixory sports a clean, simple interface, and good sharing features.

[robg adds: You'll want to have a high-speed connection to use pixory; the images are hosted directly from your Mac to the web. But it does look incredibly simple to setup and use.]
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Use Pixory to share iPhoto albums directly from your Mac | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: Lectrick on Jan 12, '04 12:31:29PM
I use myPhoto. They have a double-clickable installer now. Works real nice and is the only app of its kind to have ZERO MAINTENANCE (i.e. it reads your iPhoto information via its XML files, so if you keep iPhoto up to date, myPhoto is up to date). You also don't need to run a separate process as with the solution in this hint.


Note for web dev geeks: It appears to be incompatible with PHP 5 beta at this time, but if you are a good PHP debugger you can probably get it to work. (I'm a mediocre PHP debugger so I'm still working on it). The stock PHP install on OS X is still version 4...

In /dev/null, no one can hear you scream

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Authored by: jjenness on Jan 12, '04 01:33:15PM

MyPhoto is definately the way to go. Quick and simple installation and the directions and support are great! Not to mention it is alot nicer looking...and has templates to change the look and feel.

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Use Pixory to share iPhoto albums directly from your Mac
Authored by: grossman on Jan 12, '04 02:30:09PM

Here's another vote for myPhoto. Not only is it feature-rich, but it doesn't look like a windows app! Ugh, Pixory may be great but it's *ugly.* Also, the creator of myPhoto is incredibly helpful with questions, feature requests, etc. He maintains forums about myPhoto off his personal page. (See them here.)

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Use Pixory to share iPhoto albums directly from your Mac
Authored by: dave1212 on Jan 13, '04 01:50:22AM

hmm... almost smells like an ad. Hehe, if so, it really backfired with all this talk of myPhoto, I'm going to check that one out. After seeing the screenshots of pixory, I wasn't too impressed as far as UI design goes. Still, from the screenshots, pixory looks like it does a good job at what it's supposed to do.


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