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Jump directly to font names in Flash Apps
It's always bothered me that I couldn't start typing a font name in Flash and have it autofill (like an Adobe app). I would have to scroll to the font I wanted. Sometimes that's a long scroll with all of the fonts I have on my machine.

Tonight I opened the font dropdown from the Properties menu and typed H ... and it dropped me a few hundred fonts down to Helvetica, where I happily kept scrolling for a few more fonts to settle on my choice. This open and type scheme also works in Photoshop; I'm asuming it probably works in other applications, too.

It seems pretty simple and obvious, but I've never noticed in the years that I've been working in Flash on OSX.
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Jump directly to font names in Flash
Authored by: DarylF2 on Dec 22, '03 11:11:21AM

I'm pretty sure that this is a new feature added by Apple to Panther, and it should work in all standard menus.

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Jump directly to font names in Flash
Authored by: danrodney on Dec 22, '03 03:01:21PM

Yes, this is not specific to Flash, and is one of THE best NEW features of OS 10.3. I use it all the time. Whenever you are in ANY menu in the entire system, just start typing and it will navigate, regular menus, dock menus, programs menus, etc. All I can say is it's about time!

Daniel Rodney - instructor, graphic designer

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Jump directly to font names in Flash
Authored by: rockman2023 on Dec 22, '03 05:13:45PM

thanks for the hint. you gotta admit, scrolling to the bottom of that list was VERY annoying

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Jump to menu items available before
Authored by: Jaharmi on Dec 22, '03 07:05:44PM

This was true in other font menus, even before Panther. I recall doing this in Jaguar, at least.

You could also do this in some other menus, like pop-ups in Web browser forms. I used to do it in Jaguar, and probably 10.1 before it, when ordering stuff on-line. This was very handy in pop-ups for selecting a U.S. state -- I always had to jump down to "New York" or "NY" and found this behavior very useful.

I haven't used this feature in Flash, but I used it in other apps, definitely.

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Jump directly to font names in Flash
Authored by: ivanjs on Dec 23, '03 10:23:46AM

Actually, PhotoShop has one more little font trick I wish EVERY app would adapt.

Type some text in PhotoShop and highlight the text (drag across it). Now put your cursor in the font name field and highlight the name of the font. To change the font without opening the font menu, use the up/down cursor keys to change the font of the highlighted text. A great way to try out different fonts until you get the one you want.

Other PhotoShop tricks-
To change the spacing between letters (kerning/tracking), highlight the text (or put your cursor between 2 letters you want to spread apart) and OPTION-RIGHT or OPTION-LEFT cursor to spread apart or bring together respectively. COMMAND-OPTION-RIGHT or -LEFT spreads them apart/brings them together faster.

To change the size of the text quickly, highlight the text you want to change, then hold COMMAND-OPTION-SHIFT and hit the '>' symbol to increase and the '<' to decrease the size. To resize in smaller increments, only use COMMAND-SHIFT '>' or COMMAND-SHIFT '<'


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Jump directly to font names in Flash
Authored by: osxpounder on Dec 27, '03 02:20:00PM

Actually, the first Photoshop trick you mentioned also works in Flash MX for Windows -- haven't tried it on my Apple, yet, but I have grown accustomed to this font-selection behavior in any app -- the ones that don't do this are the exceptions, not the rule, in my experience.

In Flash, if you type some text, then highlight it, you can use the arrow keys to scroll through the font choices, and each font choice your keys select will be applied to the *highlighted* text on the Flash stage.


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