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10.3: Access xterm menu via control-click UNIX
Never noticed this before 10.3, but if you press Control and left click in an xterm window in Apple's X11, you get the xterm Main Options menu. Kind of obvious, but didn't see it on the site.
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10.3: Access xterm menu via control-click
Authored by: mzs on Dec 22, '03 11:51:13AM

This is the standard Main menu of xterm. On X11 systems with more than one mouse button you get the other menus by ctrl clicking with the other mouse buttons. With a one button mouse you can simulate this by ctrl clicking, ctrl+option clicking, and ctrl+cmd clicking. ctrl+option clicking on a VT window (the default) brings up the VT options menu while if you do it on a TEK window you get the TEK options menu. (gnuplot in a TEK window is always fun. NCSA Telnet on old 68K macs also supported Tektronix 4014 emulation. I actually had to use this a while back.)

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10.3: Access xterm menu via control-click
Authored by: spider on Jan 20, '04 02:59:55PM

ok. I've stumbled onto some of these too. So, my question is, "How do I save my VT Options??" Is this a ancient unix secret or is there some way through the menus?


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10.3: Access xterm menu via control-click
Authored by: mzs on Feb 26, '04 01:26:28PM

There is no way to save the changes from the menus that I know of. What you need to do is set the X11 resources for xterm properly. If you do a 'man xterm' you will see a section towards the end that has descriptions for things like rightScrollBar and scrollBar. These are the resources that you can set. Then you need to create a file in your home directory named .Xresources with the resource settings you wish to have. For example I have lines like this in mine:

XTerm*scrollBar: on
XTerm*saveLines: 50000
XTerm*rightScrollBar: true

On MacOS X you need to make sure that you have installed the BSD SDK from the DevTools or else you will not have /usr/bin/cpp installed on your system. The default configuration of X11 sources your .Xresources file at startup but it passes it through cpp (the C PreProcessor) before that.

You can do a 'man X' (do it from an xterm or else manpath will not pick it up) to learn more about how X11 works. Case is significant for X11 resources although it may not seem to be so at first, it is the difference between instances and classes in many cases.

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10.3: Access xterm menu via control-click
Authored by: igor on Dec 22, '03 01:23:07PM

Actually, with a three-button mouse, you should get three different menus with a control-click

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