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Repair broken junk filters in Apps
I noticed that lately, my junk mail filtering in Mail app was no longer working -- at least not very well, and perhaps not at all. By "not working," I mean that mail which was obviously junk was not getting moved to my junk mail folder automatically. I had to drag it over by hand.

I thought maybe the spammers were getting smarter (but really, who could believe that?). The weird thing was, it was happening on both of my Macs. After perhaps a week or so of this behavior, one machine wouldn't even allow me to drag junk mail over to the junk mail folder by hand. The Mail app would just crash!

I first tried repairing permissions. That didn't help. So I went to the ~/Library/Mail folder and saw this file called LSMMap2, which I knew had something to do with junk mail. I tried to open it up using SubEthaEdit. What do you know. It crashed as well! Something was obviously not right with this file.

Here's what worked for me:
  1. Make sure Mail is not running.
  2. Rename LSMMap2 to LSMMap2.old.
  3. Restart Mail and it will create a new copy of LSMMap2. In my case, it was was quite a bit larger than the old one. I'm not sure why.
  4. Once you're satisfied that all is well, go ahead and erase the LSMMap2.old file created in step two.
I did the same thing on my other Mac, on which Mail had not (yet) begun crashing, and it is also now correctly processing junk mail again.
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Repair broken junk filters in
Authored by: kal on Dec 14, '03 08:55:06AM

Does this procedure trash what Mail.App junkf ilters have "learned"?

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Repair broken junk filters in
Authored by: ahbe on Dec 14, '03 02:03:20PM

That was my question as well. Does anyone know what's in this little file causing problems?

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Repair broken junk filters in
Authored by: cudaboy_71 on Dec 14, '03 05:22:17PM

yes. the LSMMap2 file is the 'brains' of the junk filtering system. i back up this file regularly as a "LSMMap2.old" file in case something like this happens (it has twice already...once in jaguar and once in panther). the first time it happened i was able to use the 'LSMMap2' file from another computer, which saved some training time.

this isnt so much a hint on rescuing your junk filters as it is just a longhand 'reset' procedure. (you can accomplish the same thing by clicking the 'reset' button in the junk filter prefs)

if it aint broke, break it!

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Repair broken junk filters in
Authored by: yellow on Dec 15, '03 09:29:02AM

Reset didn't work for me, sadly. I just removed the bayesian database and opened mail again. But I never thought of it as being hint-worthy :)

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Repair broken junk filters in
Authored by: swimp on Dec 17, '03 04:30:18PM

thanks a _bunch_! I've been so annoyed with and actually considered switching just because of this (my spam problem is pretty big). But now I can stay with Apple Mail - so thanks! :)

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Repair broken junk filters in
Authored by: pepito on Dec 15, '03 11:05:03AM
Thanks! This worked great

For a couple of weeks now, every time I would "Mark as Junk" would crash.

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Repair broken junk filters in
Authored by: dlandrith on Feb 11, '04 12:13:22AM

This works to repair the broken junk mail filters, but the real problem is that the latest version of is itself junk: In order to keep my junk mail filters working, I am forced to reset the junk mail filters at least twice a week. Who's the idiot that missed this bug?

Since it took Apple more than two years to create an operating system that could gracefully disconnect from a Network when the connection was lost, and it took Next/Apple more than a decade to create a Mail program that could actually handle mailboxes with 1,000 plus messages in a timely manner, I hold little hope that Jobs & Co. can actually deliver a solution that "just works" for this one.

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Repair broken junk filters in
Authored by: Fleemo Williams on Apr 05, '04 01:04:46PM

This tip was a GODSEND! I've been wresting with a sudden innundation of junk mail for weeks now. Tried everything, including deleting my preferences file, which caused me to lose several week's worth of mail. A nightmare. Yesterday, I was buried under 300+ junk e-mails and was just about to huck Mail for good when I found this tip. Worked perfectly! A thousand thank yous for freeing me from junk mail once again!

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Repair broken junk filters in
Authored by: bkemper on May 17, '04 02:58:20PM

I had the same problem, and your fixed worked! Until next time I started Mail again, after the weekend. Then I guess the file got corrupted again, because I had hundreds of spam messages waiting for me, with none marked as spam or moved to the spam folder. Please help! I cannot spend time every day retraining this thing. Spam filtering was a major consideration in choosing Mail over Entourage, and now it doesn't work at all!

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