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10.3: IntelliPoint driver removes Apple mouse acceleration System
It seems that Microsoft's IntelliPoint driver removes that annoying mouse acceleration all together. This works on my Microsoft five-button USB mouse. I don't know if it will it work for all mice?

[robg adds: I would have to concur -- the 10.3 default mouse acceleration curve is annoying, at best. When I first started using Panther, I was always over- or under-shooting the target due to the new mouse behavior. I have no idea exactly what Apple changed, but the mouse clearly behaved differently than it had in any prior OS X release. Then I installed the IntelliPoint drivers for my Microsoft mouse, and all was good again. I don't know if other vendors' drivers also change the accleration curve, but I'm pretty certain you can't use Microsoft's software with another vendor's mice. Anyone have more info on what changed with the default mouse settings in 10.3?]
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10.3: IntelliPoint driver removes Apple mouse acceleration
Authored by: bryanzak on Dec 10, '03 02:40:41PM

What version of the MS Intellimouse driver are you guys using with Panther?

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10.3: IntelliPoint driver removes Apple mouse acceleration
Authored by: ClarkGoble on Dec 10, '03 04:33:55PM

The problem with the Intellimouse drivers is that they only work while you are logged in. i.e. the mouse acceleration is kind of "screwed up" during the log-in panel. I've also noticed that when having multiple users logged in that it can get a little screwy as well.

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10.3: IntelliPoint driver removes Apple mouse acceleration
Authored by: gmachen on Dec 10, '03 05:01:28PM

I want to set my own custom acceleration curve.

I liked the old Mac OS Kensington Turbo Mouse controls, where I could set the 12-point curve like I wanted.

Anything like this available for Mac OSuX?

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Turn your Tracking Speed down
Authored by: Frank Lionette on Dec 10, '03 05:40:01PM

I think all Apple has done is increase the max Tracking Speed. Moving the slider two notches down feels exactly the same in 10.3 as the max setting did in 10.2

Personally, I abhore the almost flat mouse acceleration the Intelimouse drivers user, and consider the vastly superior mouse tracking the single most compelling reason to use a Mac over a PC. (Hey, I figure i use the mouse near 8 hours a day, every day so it makes a huge difference!)

I'd love to see custom acceleration curves an option though.

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10.3: IntelliPoint driver removes Apple mouse acceleration
Authored by: macmurph on Dec 10, '03 05:55:33PM

I use the IntelliPoint driver 2.1.0. I like its features but I dont like some of the side effects. I, too, noticed that there is a conflict between the mouse speed you set in the Apple Mouse Preference Pane and the Microsoft Preference Pane. The problem is that one preference isn't overriding the other. Sometimes Apples setting takes over... like when the login window is displayed. Other times, the Microsoft setting kicks in. Basically, I wish my mouse went even faster, and I wish one setting definitely could override the other at all times.

Next, this is a major problem... when I close my powerbook lid, then unplug my MS mouse just as the system is going to sleep, the computer will not wake up. There is a problem with the USB driver that causes the machine to seize up while it is going to sleep.

I haven't tried the new IntelliPoint driver because I read some bad reviews about it on

To answer someone elses question above, you can set the mouse acceleration from the command line. I saw the hint here or at a while back.

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10.3: IntelliPoint driver removes Apple mouse acceleration
Authored by: macmurph on Dec 10, '03 05:59:56PM
BTW, if you have an MS intellimouse... You should definitely try this tip:

I set my scroll wheel to automatically trigger the Universal Access zoom in and out feature.

I use a Microsoft Intellimouse. In the Microsoft Mouse panel I set the "Press and Roll Forward" to Keystroke Command-Option + and the "Press and Roll Backward" to keystroke Command-Option -

Then I turned on zooming in the Universal Access Panel.

When I press and roll forward on the scroll wheel, it zooms in on the part of the screen I want to study. It works so well, I use it every few minutes to study images on the web or get a closer look at small text.

For those that dont have a Microsoft Mouse, this will probably work in USB overdrive.

Also, I made one exception for Photoshop so that instead of using the Universal Access Zoom, it uses the Photoshop zoom. The shortcuts are Command + and Command - in that case.

Enjoy :-)

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10.3: IntelliPoint driver removes Apple mouse acceleration
Authored by: rcdncn on Dec 11, '03 01:38:04AM

I just added the IntelliPoint SW and I find that switching between users and at different points in the log-in, my mouse tracks a drastically different speeds. The problem seems to happen consistently, and eventually settles into the IntelliPoint prefs, but not always immediately.

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Use USBOverdrive!
Authored by: msteiger on Dec 11, '03 06:59:59AM

If you want at least some kind of custom acceleration of your mouse, take USBOverdrive. It lets you specify your mouse's acceleration from "None" to "200%".

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One problem for X11 users
Authored by: n8gray on Dec 11, '03 06:52:08PM

I too was very excited when I found that the IM drivers fixed the awful Apple acceleration problem, but then I ran into a (for me) major snag. MS' drivers don't let you assign the middle mouse button to, get this, the middle mouse button. That's right. You can make it minimize your window, activate "Back" in safari, or any number of other things, but you can't make it just be a middle mouse button! This is generally not a big problem in OS X, which was designed around 1 mouse button, but in X11 the middle button is crucial. I use X11 every day so this is a big problem for me.

One (sort-of) work around is to turn on 3-button emulation in X11 and then set up an application-specific mouse layout to generate Alt-click and Cmd-click for right and center mouse clicks in X11. The problem is that you then lose the ability to generate *real* Alt-click and Meta-click in X. Believe it or not, there are applications that use those combos, so this solution is flawed at best.

There is hope, however. I've hacked the generic HID mouse driver so that it has *no* acceleration. I only got it working this morning so I'm not ready to release it yet, but I'll make it available within a week or so. Having used the no-acceleration mouse a bit I'm starting to think that it's too fast at slow speeds and too slow at fast speeds, so a customizable, gentle acceleration curve might be useful. I'll try to implement that before I release the driver.

Note that this driver will work for any USB mouse, not just MS mice.

Finally, there is potentially a much better solution in the long term. Check out:

It contains a key called HIDPointerAccelerationTable. I've figured out where this table is read but it's tough to figure out exactly what's being done with it. Somehow it's constructing a piecewise-linear curve. If somebody with hacking skills wants more details, drop me an e-mail. Reverse-engineering this key would mean that we could write a utility to allow anybody to customize this curve without installing any special driver at all.

The moral of this post is: We've got the source. Let's use it! This is what open-source software is all about!

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One problem for X11 users
Authored by: iloatheny on Jan 12, '04 08:30:19PM

While digging around I've found the following sample code that seems to have a similar mechanism for defining acceleration curves:

Link to sample code

My eyes hurt too much at the moment for me to analyse how the thing works. :) If anyone with related experience would like to unravel the mysteries, many people, myself included, would greatly appreciate the efforts.

As a side note, am I the only one who thinks Apple should provide a simple slider that lets the user set the acceleration for their pointing device? Furthermore, would it be wrong to ask of a system-wide mapping of click-and-hold events to ctrl-click / right-click?

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One problem for X11 users
Authored by: ademus on May 30, '04 04:03:53AM

I m totally newbie to the MacOS 's world and the acceleration mouse bothers me.

Have any of you guys, discover how to modify the HIDPointerAccelerationTable?

I Think there would me many people interrester with that.


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One problem for X11 users
Authored by: ademus on May 30, '04 05:19:45AM

I just tryed the USBOverDrive, well done but the mouse speed is still too slow :(

How could I increase the speed more?

Any of you guys, could say more about the





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One problem for X11 users
Authored by: ademus on May 30, '04 09:22:24AM

try MacMice at :

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10.3: IntelliPoint driver removes Apple mouse acceleration
Authored by: ademus on May 30, '04 06:46:35AM

use this universal mouse driver, very cool :

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