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10.3: Keyboard navigation in 'Save As' panels System
Sorry in case I bother you with an old story, but I didn't find it in the hints:

It was already mentioned that you can use the keyboard to navigate contextual and system-wide menus by typing the first letter(s) of the item name. This, I'd like to add, in Panther now also works for the "Save as" panel. And even the shortcuts from the finder's "Go" menu work, too.

So if I want to save a web page from Mozilla, I press option-S to bring up the "save as" dialog, type the name I want to use, press option-shift-H to go to my home directory, then tab twice to activate the finder section of the panel, then t-e-m, and press enter to save in the directory called "temp" (it takes three letters in this case because I also have a dirctory called "test" :)).

Nice, and long-awaited, I guess.

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10.3: Keyboard navigation in 'Save As' panels
Authored by: diamondsw on Dec 03, '03 11:38:06AM

Um, I believe you mean "Command-S" and "Command-Shift-H", unless I'm missing something important.

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"Meta" Dammit!
Authored by: OneTrueDabe on Dec 04, '03 01:43:34AM
Sorry -- had to make a curmudgeonly Unix statement and refer to "that key" as "Meta". :-)

How can Seven Cokebottle Modifiers be a Good Thing,
when a Mouse with More than One Button is Taboo?!?


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10.3: Keyboard navigation in 'Save As' panels
Authored by: joey03 on Dec 03, '03 02:06:52PM

The problem is that in my experience there isn't "type-ahead" typing, where you can start typing letters to select file names. Or am I wrong?

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10.3: Keyboard navigation in 'Save As' panels
Authored by: MattHaffner on Dec 03, '03 11:01:56PM

No, not in save boxes, but in an Open box, that works. Basically typing in the column view will only select black items, which are only folders in a Save box. Everything else is grayed out. In an Open box, files with the 'right' type/extension are black and available for arrow-surfing or type-jumping.

However, if you use the mouse briefly, you can click on any of the grayed out names in a Save box and that name will be inserted into the Save As: field. I believe this is new in Panther and I find it quite handy for making sure I save over a long-named file without worrying about typos.

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10.3: Keyboard navigation in 'Save As' panels
Authored by: pink on Dec 04, '03 05:50:34AM

You cannot select filenames (to overwrite a file), that is true. But you can select folders by typing ahead (actually that's what the hint is about). The trick is that you should not be too slow in typing, then it works. So far I didn't find a way to make it work when typing slowly..

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10.3: Keyboard navigation in 'Save As' panels
Authored by: artychim on Dec 03, '03 04:59:26PM

Nice hint, thanks. Especially when you restore the Documents shorcut. To be able to type you have to punch the down (or up) arrow after "Command-S" or "Command-S" followed by "Command-Shift-H" and down (up) arrow.

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