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10.3: Copy and paste from X11 with other window managers UNIX
As you may know, you can copy and paste between Apple's X11 and Aqua by just using the copy function of your X11 App and Command-V in Aqua. But, this fails if you don't use quartz-wm (which is the default window manager), but a better X11 window manager (windowmaker in my case). But you can run quartz-wm in a silent mode and enable this copy-paste functionnality by adding this to your ~/.xinitrc:
# start the  quartz-wm with copy-paste functionnality

quartz-wm --only-proxy &
#exec your wm
exec wmaker
Change the last line to launch your window maanger, and relaunch You can also read quartz-wm manual to find two hidden Defaults commands. I didn't try this with KDE or Gnome, only with Windowmaker, the only alternative window manager I have on my computer.

[robg adds: For those too lazy to fire up X11 to read the quartz-wm man pages, here are the hidden commands:
    quartz-wm can be customized using the defaults(1) command.  The  avail-
    able options are:

    defaults write wm_ffm -bool true
          Enables  focus-follows-mouse  mode.  Windows belonging to the X
          server may then be focused by moving the pointer over them,  as
          well as the default mode of clicking in them.

    defaults write wm_click_through -bool true
          Disables  the  default behavior of swallowing window-activating
          mouse events.
I know a few people have been asking about those features in X11 ... I had no idea they were already there!]
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