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10.3: and courier-imap mail folders Apps
Some users, after upgrading to Panther, reported trouble when working with a courier-imap server. As with Jaguar's Mail application, the client supported IMAP subfolders just fine, but somehow the upgrade broke the ability to use IMAP subfolders as a target for "Move a message to.." in the rules. Also, the main 'Inbox' containing subfolders would always appear empty.

The problem is a peculiar issue with the 'mailbox prefix' settings. The courier manual tells us to use 'INBOX,' which does indeed correctly show the subfolders. Unfortunately, courier-imap does not use this prefix for the main inbox, which is what is causing the problems.

The solution is server-side. In your mail directory, you will see sub-folders listed as following:

[user@server ~/Maildir]% ls -l
  2 user    vmail    4096 Nov 14 17:12 .
  3 user    vmail    4096 May  3  2003 ..
  1 user    vmail     393 Nov 10 09:16 courierimapsubscribed
  1 user    vmail    1705 Nov 14 17:12 courierimapuiddb
  1 user    vmail   95922 May  3  2003 courierpop3dsizelist
  2 user    vmail  176128 Nov 14 17:12 cur
  5 user    vmail    4096 Jun 12 12:55 .INBOX.bbedit
  5 user    vmail    4096 Mar 31  2003 .INBOX.bugtraq
  5 user    vmail    4096 Mar 14  2003 .INBOX.bugzilla
So, to keep both courier happy and fool into thinking there is a mailbox called "INBOX," all that is needed is a little soft-link or two:
[user@server ~/Maildir]% ln -s . .INBOX
[user@server ~/Maildir]% ln -s . .INBOX.
I've been too lazy to find out which of the two did it, but with these links installed on the server, Panther's correctly recognizes the inbox and allows you to use rules to sort to the sub-folders the way it should. Jay!

[robg adds: I trimmed the permission info from the ls output to narrow the display a bit. Since it's not used in the hint, it wasn't really necessary to see.]
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10.3: and courier-imap mail folders
Authored by: aboyko on Nov 21, '03 12:33:56PM
It should be noted that the Courier IMAP people, while maybe a little ornery, sure know their IMAP spec inside and out. Occasionally, they seem to take a literalist stickler view of the specification that breaks clients, which I think they perceive to be a way of exposing bugs and shortcuts in the client.

In other words, I'm guessing one wouldn't expect a fix from the Courier guys to be forthcoming.

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10.3: and courier-imap mail folders
Authored by: sitharus on Nov 21, '03 03:52:17PM

What version of Courier IMAP is this with? The latest beta, which is perfectly stable, works fine with if INBOX is in the prefix.

I wouldn't be able to comment on the filtering though. I know it works for Junk Mail (Which I store on the server), but I filter everything else using maildrop on the server.


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Use the proper folder prefix instead!
Authored by: mr-fish on Nov 28, '03 04:43:52PM

According to the IMAP spec, your e-mail client should automatically negoiate the proper IMAP folder prefix. (& and several others) does not seem to be able to do this properly. Instead of creating sym-links in your ~/Maildir directory (you might not have a shell...), set your preference for the folder prefix to "INBOX", "INBOX.", or "" (null). One of these will make work. I'd check, but I'd hate to reboot from ppclinux to find out...

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Use the proper folder prefix instead!
Authored by: JoeCotellese on Dec 28, '03 10:52:08PM

FWIW, INBOX works. Thanks ALOT, I'm finally able to dump Thunderbird for

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