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Rip damaged CDs with CDParanoia UNIX
When I want to rip old CDs in iTunes, I get a lot of songs with hiccups -- even with error correction enabled in the Preferences. To make perfect audio rips, there is a tool for unix called CDParanoia, but it is not there for the Mac (yet).

However, I discovered the UNIX tool cdda2wav uses CDParanoia to rip CDs from version 2.0. I installed it with fink (cdda2wav-beta) and ejected all CDs. Now enter this command: cdda2wav -paranoia -B dev=IODVDServices and it will rip all your tracks slowly but more precisely. There is even a script included in the original distribution to name the tracks. Now, if only someone could write a cocoa interface for this!
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Rip damaged CDs with CDParanoia
Authored by: dahjelle on Nov 19, '03 01:09:42PM

I've tried cdda2wav to rip CDs on my old 333MHz lime iMac with Panther. (Even on relatively unscathed CDs and copying to AIFF, the machine just isn't able to keep up terribly well.) Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to find either my internal CD (read-only) drive nor my external USB CD-R drive.

I did have to use some of the hints at the cdrecord guide in order to try use my CD drive instead of a DVD drive and to unmount the disc from the Finder using disktool.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what I could do? Or is my hardware simply unsupported?

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Rip damaged CDs with CDParanoia
Authored by: p0p5tar on Nov 20, '03 11:47:40AM

The easiest way to use cdparanoia is to use one of the GUIs that incoprates it and eg cdrecord or cdrdao.
There are several of these including Missing Media Burner and FireStarter FX, and both do include documentation on how to setup for different drives.

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itunes setting
Authored by: SOX on Nov 19, '03 02:28:51PM

iTunes has a setting for ripping CDs more carefully and slowly in the custom inport window. I wonder how this compares.

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itunes setting
Authored by: persson on Nov 19, '03 04:01:35PM

FWIW, to try out iTunes new option "Use error correction when reading Audio CDs" I picked a very scratched disk that has foiled cdparanoia repeatedly (I have tried using the latest version of cdparanoia every year or so for quite a few years now) and it was imported flawlessly. Furthermore I haven't found the speed reduction to be a big problem. Clearly this is not scientific as only one CD was considered and a different physical CD reader was used. But for now I see no reason to reach for cdparnoia (by switching OS or using the hint described).


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Rip damaged CDs with CDParanoia
Authored by: Doerak on Nov 19, '03 03:11:04PM

Hello, I am the original submitter of this hint.

Danjehle: You need another device setting. See for more information.

SOX: This works much better in my experience. It is somewhat slow, but on my Philips (Dual867) Combodrive it gives much better results.

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Rip damaged CDs with CDParanoia
Authored by: dahjelle on Nov 19, '03 09:49:21PM

I tried that, but I'm still not getting things to work.

admin$ cdda2wav -paranoia -B dev=IOCompactDiscServices

There is no sound support configured!
cdda2wav: Error 0. Unable to get plugin Interface: e00002c7. Cannot open SCSI driver.
open(IOCompactDiscServices/1) in file interface.c, line 532
Probably you did not define your SCSI device.
You can scan the SCSI bus(es) with 'cdrecord -scanbus'.
Set the CDDA_DEVICE environment variable or use the -D option.
You can also define the default device in the Makefile.
For possible transport specifiers try 'cdda2wav dev=help'.

I've tried several different device specifications, including using a /0 or /1 at the end of IOCompactDiscServices like the page you referenced.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that cdda2wav only works with CD-Rs and CD-RWs, and then usually only internal ones. Perhaps that's my problem?

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Rip damaged CDs with CDParanoia
Authored by: mschaff on Nov 22, '03 05:40:53PM

Took a little while to figure it out, but don't put the CD in until you run the command. It will request the disc after you run the command. If you leave it in, the OS takes control of the drive (e.g. Finder, iTunes, etc.) and cdda2wav will complain.

Using the fink version of cdda2wav, the command that worked for my internal combo drive (iBook) was:

cdda2wav -paranoia -B -O aiff dev=IODVDServices

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