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An odd workaround for a failed wireless connection Network
So I lost my Airport connection - don't ask. Sun spots. No way the GHz Titanium was going to get on web. All settings good to go, Network Preferences showed Airport connection. Safari said different. I've worked with this before, maybe because I have a third-party base station/router, and knew it was just a matter of jiggling something somewhere. Recursive troubleshooting. When Network Prefs doesn't work, Airport Setup Assistant, setting everything to Automatic, usually does. Has to be Automatic though. Forget setting TCP yourself.

This time, nothing. Various power cycling and cursing later, it occurred to me, Okay, how can we get even more basic. In /Sysmtem -> Library -> Core Services, that's where Setup Assistant lives -- and you can run it right from there. Instantly on the web. No visible changes to any settings, but Panther's happy, and that's what mattters.
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An odd workaround for a failed wireless connection
Authored by: Jordi Bunster on Nov 16, '03 01:21:31PM

Man, I can't fscking believe you found this. I've been having this problem for months!

You know what is even more weird? I thought it was hardware. I'll tell you why:

First, the card was gone. It would not show in any hardware listings (not even in Linux's lspci). Apple sent me a new card for free, and it worked for a while, but then, the signal was gone. Card was still there, but signal was gone. Once every three weeks or so, I would have signal for a few hours. Then gone again. I was already saving money to send the whole iBook for repairs.

And now this. I ran the Setup Assistant with the airport powered off, so it failed to detect any networks. I thought "Yeah, it is really hardware". I closed the assistant, turned Airport on, and there was my network. Great!

Now, granted, I just did this, so let's see how long it lasts.

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Bad news
Authored by: Jordi Bunster on Nov 16, '03 02:36:50PM

So, it didn't last much. And I can't do it again. It might've been just coincidence, it could still be a hardware problem.


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An odd workaround for a failed wireless connection
Authored by: phljoe on Nov 17, '03 06:46:18AM

There are quite a few threads raging on Apple's Discussion Boards regarding loss of internet connectivity for users upgrading to Panther who have snow ABS. Visit:


to see if you are part of this big group.

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I had a similar problem
Authored by: bedouin on Nov 17, '03 07:10:22AM

I went over to a friend's house one day and was getting a 100% signal, but Panther was grabbing the wrong IP. He was using a Netgear router, the same I use at home. After I ran the airport setup utility it started working again . . .

Before arriving my iBook was asleep, and was being used at another location wirelessly. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.

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I had a similar problem
Authored by: stina on Jul 10, '04 12:03:37AM

I have the same problem with a netgear router. I have connection then I don't. It is really freaking finicky and I was wondering DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET IT TO WORK CONSISTANTLY. Everytime I think I get it working for good, it dies on my and assigns some random ip that has nothing to do with my network or any network for that mater. I assign one manually and the router thinks its cool, but no interenet. I am really fed up with it and apple's support is less than helpful, because they are never open.


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An odd workaround for a failed wireless connection
Authored by: mproud on Nov 18, '03 06:44:05AM

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An odd workaround for a failed wireless connection
Authored by: kenandmac on Nov 29, '03 10:27:54PM

I have had similar intermettent problems in Jaguar. I have the new Airport Extreme Base Stations- no 3rd party stuff.
I just found that when that happens-- all settings seem to be right and there is signal, but no browser or e-mail connection- I just unplug the power from the Base Station for a few secs, then plug it back in. Everything seems to work then.
Its certainly not fancy, but works for me...


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