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10.3: Fix a Word v.X and Exposť key conflict Apps
F9 is assigned in Word X to update data (such as a formula or link) in a table cell. Microsoft has no alternative menu item that I can find for this function. F9 is also used by Exposť. Therefore, one can't update a table cell in Word X under Panther. The workaround is to re-assign the F9 key in Exposť's System Prefs panel to another key.

[robg adds: There are actually two alternative solutions to this problem, one much easier than the other. The easy solution is to control-click the formula and select Update Field (or just hit Shift - Command - Option - U with the formula highlighted). The second, and probably better, alternative is to remap F9 in Word. The tricky part is finding it ... select View -> Toolbars -> Customize, then click on the Keyboard... button at the bottom of the dialog. In the new window that opens, scroll the Categories panel down and select All Commands. In the Commands half of the window, scroll nearly to the end and click on UpdateFields. Click on F9 and then hit Remove. While you're here, you can also use the "Press new shortcut key" to create an easier shortcut -- I used Control-F9. Make sure you hit the Assign button after you type the shortcut! Click "OK" twice, and you'll have a new shortcut, and no more conflict with Exposť.]
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10.3: Fix a Word v.X and Exposť key conflict
Authored by: jiclark on Nov 13, '03 01:22:19PM

Wow Rob!

Thanks!! That is so great to finally know there's a way to customize the shortcuts in Word... Does this exist in Excel as well?

Thanks again,


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10.3: Fix a Word v.X and Exposť key conflict
Authored by: mssdvm on Nov 13, '03 04:26:50PM

You left out one other simple option....change the F9 shortcut in expose to another function key.

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10.3: Fix a Word v.X and Exposť key conflict
Authored by: blueeye on Nov 14, '03 03:06:13AM

I have another Word OSX conflict. The Word command-H to accept spelling changes in the spell checker conflicts with the OS X command to hide the current application. When I key command -H , the application Word disappears rather than accepting the changed word in the spell checker. I cannot find the corresponding command in the customize window.
How do I rectify this conflict?

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An easier way...
Authored by: robg on Nov 20, '03 10:50:20AM
An anonymous user submitted the following as a new hint, but it really belongs here as a comment ... so here it is:
Regarding this hint, the easiest way to change a hard-to-find shortcut in Word is to pick a "throwaway" command (one that you don't need a shortcut for, like FileConfirmConversions), assign the key to it first, and then delete the assignment. Sure beats the scroll-n-roll search.

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