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10.3: Exposť bug wiith multi button mice and multiple users System
I discovered this "hint" by accident last night: If you have fast user switching enabled in Panther along with Exposť using a multi-button mouse, you can wreck the mouse button assignments for other users.
  1. Log in two or more users at once.
  2. In any of the user's environments trigger an Exposť function using the buttons of a multi-button mouse. Specifically you have to trigger an Exposť function that isn't useful at the time, like showing all windows of one app in Finder with no Finder windows open, or showing the desktop with no windows open to begin with.
  3. Fast user switch into another user's environment. Now one of two things will happen: Either their mouse button assignments will be mixed up (causing left click to show the desktop for example) or every mouse button will only trigger an alert sound and do nothing (completely wrecking the ability to use a mouse).
How to fix:
In the case where the buttons are just mixed up, try triggering the "show all of one app's windows" Exposť function with the mixed-up mouse. That should set everything to normal again.

In the case of all the buttons losing their functionality, or if the previous fix doesn't work, just press Command-Shift-Escape and log out. Log into the user where the initial Exposť event was triggered, and resolve the event so that the windows return to normal. Now everything should be resolved.

I'm not sure how useful this is, but there you go.
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10.3: Exposť bug wiith multi button mice and multiple users
Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 10, '03 11:46:16AM

I've experienced behavior related to this that I couldn't track down...

I was losing the middle-button click to open a new tab functionality in Safari (and Camino too) on my account. My wife's account worked. We were both logged in at the time.

Once I logged out, logged her out, and then logged myself back in everything returned to normal.

Sounds like Apple needs to work out some issues with having multiple users logged in at once...


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Please Submit Any Bugs You Find to Apple
Authored by: mustang_dvs on Nov 10, '03 02:59:35PM
Just go to Apple's developer page, sign-up as a free member (you can get the newsletter e-mail for free) and go to the bug submission page:

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10.3: Exposť bug wiith multi button mice and multiple users
Authored by: mdzorn on Nov 11, '03 10:50:43AM

I believe Kensington has a statement on their web site that "Fast User switching" messes up the mouse buttons for the second user looged in.

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