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10.3: Removing non-erasable file extensions System
In Panther, having experienced extreme annoyance at not being able to delete a ".1" that Stuffit had appended to the end of a file, and then having experienced the same frustration with a file that had come to me with a ".5" at the end, I discovered that the constantly-reappearing offending "extension" could be eradicated by using Get Info on the file (Command-I), clicking on the "Name and Extension" triangle to reveal the text box containing the name and extension, and deleting it from there. That's the only way I've found to do it in Panther.

I don't know if this "magically reappearing 'extension'" is an "undocumented feature" of Panther or a bug, but for now, the above takes care of the annoying Finder behavior.

[robg adds: In my testing, I was able to remove both ".1" and ".5" extensions just using the Finder, so I'm not sure if the above issue is related to Stuffit somehow...]
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StuffIt AVR
Authored by: flakaddict on Nov 10, '03 12:47:32PM

Are you using StuffIt 8? That sounds like the Archive Via Rename feature. It allows you to do delete the .sit file extension and have it automatically unstuff the file.

You can turn it off in the System Preferences.

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10.3: Removing non-erasable file extensions
Authored by: BLT on Nov 10, '03 03:48:52PM

I noticed the magic extension too when I renamed an asp file by appending a .bck to the end of the name.
before the rename it was something like:
and after the rename is was
even though I had only typed the .bck. I could not see the extra .asp in the finder, but I could see it in the BBEdit window.

I eventually fixed the problem by switching to the finder and under the Finder menu I selected Preferences. I then check the box next to "Show all file extensions". Now everything seems to rename as expected.

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10.3: Removing non-erasable file extensions
Authored by: mistercow on Nov 11, '03 12:36:20AM

This seems to happen if you have a document with two file extensions (like "thing.sit.1" or "document.txt.sit" or "file.doc.txt")

It also seems to be affected by having the "Show all file extensions" option off.

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renaming behaviour in the Finder
Authored by: a1291762 on Nov 12, '03 07:43:31AM

This advise assumes you aren't forcing file extensions to be visible (in which case all renames should do exactly what you'd expect).

In order to be better than Windows (where renaming a file with a hidden extension leads to such abominations as FOO.TXT.vbs or BAR.TXT.TXT), the Finder attempts to be intelligent about what to show when you rename your files. If you change/add an extension that the system knows about (because some app you have can handle it) it will prompt you to change the extension. If you use an extension that the system does not know about, it will "add" it but it will then add a hidden extension so that the file does not become unassociated with the app that can open it.

Of course, you can't just remove an extension from the Finder since it assumes you want to hide it. Instead you need to use the Get Info window to set the name manually. Ranaming the file from the Get Info window works the same as having Force Extensions Visible on.

It's not a perfect system, but it's better than windows where it's assumed you will never modify the extension from the explorer. Of course people who weren't raised on Classic MacOS will just have Show Extensions on and be done with it.


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