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10.3: Office v.X reinstallation tips Apps
A thread in the Apple Discussions started with the story of how somebody who installed 10.3 lost his Microsoft Office X User Data -- addresses, email, notes, tasks, calendar, dictionary, templates and tried a few strategies for rebuilding the database and ended up corrupting it. That can happen easily, so here are a few preventive tips other than very frequently backing-up to safe locations the Documents/Microsoft User Data folder.

I did an erase-and-clean install of 10.3. After installing Microsoft Office X (and all of its updates through 10.1.5), I dragged over from my other drive the entire OS 10.2.8 Documents folder and, effectively, replaced the Documents/Microsoft User Data folder created by the installation of MS Office. Before I had an external drive, I simply went into my Retrospect backup set and marked for restore Documents/Microsoft User Data folder.

A trick I learned for those times when one has to do a clean install or just re-install Office without going through the pain and tedium of doing a lot of extra work:
  1. In Document/Microsoft/User Data, alias my custom dictionary, personal templates and Word "Normal" files.
  2. The custom dictionary alias I move to my Library -> Preferences -> Microsoft folder to replace the one created by installation of the program.
  3. The aliases of the rest I move to Applications -> Microsoft Office -> Templates. I move the personal templates into the subfolder "My Templates." The "Normal" alias from Documents replaces the "Normal" file in the full Templates folder.
Finally, I've found some exceptionally helpful information when I've had any questions about or problems with Office X components on lots of issues in the Microsoft News Servers for Mac (available when you go into Entourage Mail), and in the Office X "MVP and FAQ pages" on the Microsoft website.

[robg adds: I couldn't find the "MVP and FAQ pages" on the Microsoft site, but this page is the main support page for office v.X. When I upgraded my machines, I just dragged my fully configured Office v.X folder from my backup to my upgraded box, along with the Microsoft user Data folder, and all was good to go...]
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10.3: Office v.X reinstallation tips
Authored by: Fofer on Nov 06, '03 11:44:37AM

An excellent compendium of Entourage info:

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10.3: Office v.X reinstallation tips
Authored by: Norm Nager on Nov 06, '03 03:28:30PM

VALUABLE SITES FOR TIPS from the sharpest volunteer troubleshooters for Mac Entourage and Mac Word:


There may be other such sites under development for other components of Office X. The ones for Entourage and Word were the first of which I've become aware.

The MVPs are expert-level volunteers who respond to questions from users in the MS NewsGroups for the several components of Office X.

MICROSOFT MAC NEWSGROUPS FOR Q & A: You can set them up in the Entourage/mail/Microsoft NewsServers. The Help program in Entourage or the Entourage MVPs website can be very very helpful. A WORD OF CAUTION ABOUT HOW YOU USE MS NEWSGROUPS: Before entering a question in these newsgroups, create an Entourage account that inserts some characters in the dominion part of your address so that spam robots do not harvest your real address, such as Then set that account temporarily as the default account before posting on a newsgroup.

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10.3: Office v.X reinstallation tips
Authored by: syko on Nov 06, '03 03:04:13PM

If you're using any M$ email product then you 'deserve' to get your mail corrupt. I mean that in a light gentle way, but I want to make people aware that M$ email and the way it 'handles' your mail, addresses, etc., is just plain irresponsible.

If you value your data use Apple's Mail or Eudora.

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My perspective from pro and personal experience
Authored by: Norm Nager on Nov 06, '03 03:45:17PM

Started using Entourage 2001 several years ago and moved up through various Entourage X versions in what is now Office X 10.1.5 several years ago. I've had no problems with corrupted messages. By the way, email is only one component of Entourage X, together with Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Address Book. And Entourage is one component of Office X, together with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. I've found bugs and limitations as I've moved through the different versions but I can't recall corrupted email in the many thousands of messages I exchanged with my university students, alumni and faculty colleagues before my retirement or with other correspondents since.

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10.3: Office v.X reinstallation tips
Authored by: NeoX on Nov 07, '03 12:43:40AM

If you believe everything you read about MS, then you are a complete newbie. Show me proof that MS is using my data sent through entourage or Outlook. If this was the case then MS would not have released the Source code to all of there Windows and Office apps to their MVP customers. Yo should know facts before you speak of facts...

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re: how Entourage handles email.
Authored by: mclbruce on Nov 07, '03 07:55:28AM

Microsoft has little to do with how Entourage handles email. Entourage, like Outlook Express 5 before it, is simply a port/upgrade of Claris Emailer. Apple wrote emailer, and wrote the email database feature before giving the technology to Microsoft as part of the "Treaty of Cupertino."

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Office .v X update problems
Authored by: fwiffo on Nov 06, '03 04:10:22PM

Has anyone had problems installing the 10.1.2 update after doing a clean install of panther and Office .v X? I get to the "Gathering Information" message and then it just hangs.

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Office v. X updated without problem
Authored by: Norm Nager on Nov 06, '03 10:26:30PM

After an erase-and-clean install of OS 10.3, I installed from my original Office X CD, then updated from the Combined Office Updater (which came out in April 2002), then 10.1.2 (which gave me no problem during its installation), then 10.1.4 and finally 10.1.5. I ran Repair Permissions before installing Office X and then after each of the updates. Hope that helps.

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Same problem: 10.1.2 update hangs
Authored by: egualt on Jan 16, '04 09:51:59AM

I have the same problem. I installed Office on my 15" powerbook that came with Panther pre-installed, and then I tried to update to 10.1.2. The updater usually hangs on the gathering info stage. One time it made it to the next screen and then hung there. I tried repairing permissions as the previous reply suggested, but that didn't help.

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Oh wait ...
Authored by: egualt on Jan 16, '04 10:05:38AM

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