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10.3: Remove font anti-aliasing in Panther System
This site already has a tip for disabling (or increasing the threshold for) font anti-aliasing under Jaguar. It didn't work in Panther for me. An updated version (which I saw on macdevcentral) has a slightly different command syntax:
defaults write -g AppleAntiAliasingThreshold 128
Being an Apple newbie I can't explain exactly what this is doing or why it works compared to the old version. However, I've been searching for a way to increase the threshold since I got my 12" powerbook with Panther and this worked.

[robg adds: According to the man page for defaults, the -g option is a synonym for the global domain, which is what's referenced in the first hint. So I'm not sure why one method would work and the other wouldn't -- can anyone clarify?]
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10.3: Remove font anti-aliasing in Panther
Authored by: GoobleyGook on Nov 05, '03 01:52:53PM

So, why would you want to do this?

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10.3: Remove font anti-aliasing in Panther
Authored by: imageworx on Nov 05, '03 04:14:39PM

I also feel the anti-aliasing should be optional. I switched from an analog CRT to a digital LCD for several reasons; conserve space, electric and my vision (less fatigue with digital LCD than CRT).
Apple's feature is actually a mimic of how it "used" to look on a CRT.
I prefer the list view, and the text it displays. But the menus, window titles, and icon labels are awful (my boss has stronger words; I'll refrain).
With resolutions so much better, why is this even necessary? And for those of us in the printing industry, the screen never looks like the output. And why not?
(damn you Adobe and your failure to license Display Postscript!)

To BeOS or Not to BeOS

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10.3: Remove font anti-aliasing in Panther
Authored by: EatingPie on Nov 05, '03 06:59:04PM

Some people (ahem!) don't like the look of anti-aliasing. And if you have a low end Mac, there's a bit of a performance hit.

This value is actually stored in .Globalpreferences.plist in your home's Preferences folder. I guess the old syntax no longer writes to that file. (I actually added the field by hand directly into the file, so I haven't dabbled with the defaults command.)


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10.3: Remove font anti-aliasing in Panther
Authored by: aranor on Nov 06, '03 04:15:30AM
As a note, instead of -g I usually use NSGlobalDomain. I don't know why, but that's how I remember to do it.

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be careful with this one - photoshop wouldn't run
Authored by: alec kinnear on Nov 06, '03 10:04:32AM
nice tip and i was enjoying no antialiasing (it did seem faster) but i couldn't get photoshop to boot. i had also changed some of the system fonts in tinkertool to suit antialiasing better. anyway it took the better part of an hour to undo the damage and get photoshop running. for those interested, you have to command line
defaults write -g AppleAntiAliasingThreshold 12
and then go into system preferences and reset the antialiasing threshold under appearances. if my command line code for the reset not the right one, somebody please let me know as that's what i'm running on now.

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