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14,000 hints and counting!

Another milestone reached... Site News reached another milestone last night -- our first-ever million-plus page view month. While absolutely miniscule on the scale of any 'large' site, it amazes me to think that over 1,000,000 page views were generated here this month (with a couple days still to go). Panther's release this month certainly had a lot to do with October being the "break out" month, as we've averaged about 55,000 page views a day since Panther's release. Another sign of Panther's popularity is the fact that the Panther meta-hint has quickly become the number two most viewed hint on the site, as seen on the stats page. I fully expect it to be number one with a week or so.

I imagine that if I had advertisers, they would be quite happy with the news that we've hit the one million page view mark. But since I don't have advertisers, I note it here simply because I'd like to thank all of you, the macosxhints' readers, for making this site a vibrant and interesting destination on the Mac web. I learn as much here every day as anyone else, and for that, I thank both the hint contributors as well as those who add their expertise via the comments.

And now, it's time to sleep in order to prepare for tomorrow's batch-o-hints! P.S. -- I ran 11 new hints late Wednesday evening -- don't miss them if you're reading this for the first time on Thursday morning!

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Authored by: eduo on Oct 30, '03 02:27:31AM

I received this just as I was about go to bed (thought Centericq's RSS feed) and just had to comment on it.

MacOSXHints has quickly become one of THE sites to keep up with in the daily grind of mac news, I have it in my startup tab folder and receive the feed every half hour through Centericq's text window.

Usually the first place I go lately to find how to do something in Jaguar and usually the first that comes up when I remember reading about a feature or other.

Rob, thanks for the great idea and thanks again for bringing it to success (as god knows many have tried something like this in the past and it just languishes and dies a slow death) and always keeping the excitement in your posts as you did in the beginning (more than once I have decided to try something just because of the way it was posted).

Keep up the good work! This probably calls for a celebration of sorts. Where is that 'donate' button?

... Ehrm ...

There isn't a "donate" link any more?

And, while at it. A link to the first post and the first hints in the site, just for fun..:)

First Post!

First Hint!


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Authored by: robg on Oct 30, '03 09:40:12AM

Thanks for the kind words :).

The donate link should still be there --- in the "Support Macosxhints" box, just above the book image?


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Authored by: eduo on Oct 30, '03 04:06:51PM

What "support" link? I don't get that. Can you or somebody paste the direct link?


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Authored by: watson on Oct 31, '03 01:27:13PM

It's on the right side (maybe you need to scroll right to see it), looks like a window, just below the "User Control Panel" window.
"Support macosxhints..."
Use it! :) This site is more than worth the small donation Rob is asking for!
Thanks again, Rob for this great site!


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Another milestone reached...
Authored by: jwibi on Oct 30, '03 05:01:35AM

Congratulations to Rob on a job extremely well done! is the site to go for hints, troubleshooting etc.!

it is an invaluable resource.

keep up the great work!


PS: one thing: since a couple of days netnewswire lite (v 1.0.6fc1) can't parse your rss feed. is this just me or is there something wrong... thx!

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About ads...
Authored by: nevyn on Oct 30, '03 05:35:13AM

You really ougta get GoogleAds on your site. I don't think anyone would mind. 'Cause they don't blink, and they aren't in Flash, and they're pretty smart. And they get you some money. You deserve it.


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Another milestone reached...
Authored by: rufo on Oct 30, '03 06:09:25AM

Congrats Rob. May your hints be ever enlightening, your bandwidth always unlimited, and your server always fast.

(Which, BTW, is one of the things I notice about your site... it's always fast to load, always there, and never seems bogged down. The hints are awesome, and the site is fantastic. Here's to 2 million+!)

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