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10.3: Fix Panther's handling of emailed incoming faxes System
Whenever an incoming fax came in and Panther's fax software mailed it to my specified email address, the attached PDF file would show up as plain text in its encoded form. The message was not properly formated as a MIME message because of the method used to send it.

The solution turned out to be ridiculously easy. The file /usr -> libexec -> fax -> faxnotify had this line which would mail out the entire MIME message as the body of another message, causing an email with no subject and the wrong sender:
  stdout, stdin = os.popen2('/usr/bin/mail ' + quote(receipents))
Changing it to the line shown below causes the mail and attachment to go out properly:
  stdout, stdin = os.popen2('/usr/sbin/sendmail ' + quote(receipents))
[robg adds: I have not tested this one myself.]
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10.3: Fix Panther's handling of emailed incoming faxes
Authored by: jeffulri on Nov 03, '03 01:45:22AM

Um, just thinking out loud here, but since Panther uses Postfix instead of Sendmail, wouldn't this hint be improperly constructed?

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10.3: Fix Panther's handling of emailed incoming faxes
Authored by: benixau on Nov 03, '03 02:40:35AM

It probably doesn't use postfix for faxes. It is possible that they use sendmail considering that there is rarely any advanced formatting.

other than that - ask apple - but obviously this fix works.

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10.3: Fix Panther's handling of emailed incoming faxes
Authored by: vondrix on Nov 03, '03 03:52:34AM

Most unix mail-daemons like postfix, (or qmail, exim,..) also install a link/script/program "sendmail". There are quite a few unix applications that just call sendmail to send an e-mail, and that script/link/app keeps them compatible with postfix and others.

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10.3: Fix Panther's handling...faxes w/CommuniGate Pro Server installed
Authored by: protean on Nov 11, '03 03:13:59PM
For some reason the posted hint does not work while using CommuniGate Pro. Before making the posted mod I got the same plain text only message as described. After applying the above fix got nothing. Not being a Unix guru I don't know why but have come up with a fix. This should only be applied to a server running CGatePro (it will probably break what you have if you are not using CGP) and assumes you have CGP installed in the default directories and employ all safeguards while editing system-type files. I do not know how this fix will react to a system update where sendmail is upaded.

Edit the faxnotify file as done on the original post.

Using terminal:

    cd /usr/sbin/

With sudo abilities rename sendmail:

    sudo mv sendmail sendmail.bak

Create a symbolic link to the CGatePro server:

    sudo ln -s /usr/sbin/CommunigatePro/sendmail
Using ls -l should result in the following symbolic link:
    lrwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 33 11 Nov 14:33 sendmail -> /usr/sbin/CommuniGatePro/sendmail
Now you should get a properly formatted email with the attachment.

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10.3: Fix Panther's handling of emailed incoming faxes
Authored by: RBHXS on Dec 16, '03 07:59:07PM


I have run into the above problem and look forward to installing your fix. Thank you.

I have run into a second problem with the fax program. With some frequency (maybe all of the time; I haven't received enough faxes yet to be sure), my Mac will not receive the fax and will take another several minutes (maybe 3-5 minutes) to release the phone line. If the sender of the fax is persistent and tries a second time, all works properly (with the exception of the e-mail notification which I hope to have fixed soon). Has anyone run into the second problem?

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