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Space bar opens pop up menus in iCal Apps
I haven't tried his any other apps yet, but when I was in the info window in iCal, I noticed that when I tabbed out of the last of the date fields, the highlight kept going into the pop-up menus below. After some experimenting, I discovered you could open the pop-up menu by pressing space bar. From there, arrow keys and Return finish the job. So you can work through all the options without having reach for the mouse, if you are so inclined.
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Space bar opens pop up menus in iCal | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Space bar opens pop up menus in iCal
Authored by: DanPritchard on Nov 02, '03 10:37:36PM

Now we just have to wait until the Safari team realizes this, and maybe you won't have to scroll the stupid menus down to choose your state on every freaking form you fill out.

In Windows, you can just tab onto a popup menu and type (for example) a "C" and that would change the selected menu to California. Another "C" would select Colorado, and so on. I don't see why you still can't do this on the Mac. It's useful, and saves a lot of time, especially if you live somewhere late in the alphabet like Washington or Wyoming.

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Space bar opens pop up menus in iCal
Authored by: aranor on Nov 03, '03 02:21:47AM

Dude, in 10.3, when a menu is open you can type the first letter of what you want and it will jump to right there. Currently in Safari, you click on the pop and then do that. And according to the weblog of the lead WebCore developer, already done for post-v1.1 (i.e. after Panther) is to tab to and manipulate all controls in a webpage from the keyboard.

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Space bar opens pop up menus in iCal
Authored by: robm on Nov 03, '03 05:48:56AM

Well Dude Nr2, Dude Nr1 is entirely right; it is annoying that we're so mouse-dependent while navigating our Macs - Panther is an improvement but it's not there yet.
So, great, duh, that in "post-v1.1 Safari" they'll build in better keyboard navigation, but it is well about time! And I'll first have to see it to believe it - in the meantime, reach for that mouse, man!
And for DudeNr1: Mozilla does all this that you want: full keyboard navigation.

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Authored by: terceiro on Nov 03, '03 12:30:45PM

This is very, very nice. Not as nice as tab-to-activate, but even this -- mouse click to activate the menu, then type the first letter to select -- is a significant improvement. For those of us in those states at the bottom of the alphabetical order (Utah!), this makes things much easier.

Thanks for the heads up!

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And not just the first letter....
Authored by: thinkyhead on Nov 03, '03 05:33:18PM

...but as many letters as you need in order to specify the particular item. In fact this keyboard dynamic has been standard behavior in Mac OS listboxes and Finder windows since System 7. Great to see Apple's best ideas propagating to other parts of the system!

| slur was here

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Tabbing works correctly in other Mac browsers -- but not Safari
Authored by: lloydx on Dec 29, '03 11:05:19AM

I've always tabbed through forms and have become accustomed to typing in the first letter of my state to scroll to it in pop-up menus. Of course I use Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla. The method does not work in Safari, however, and that seems to be an egregious oversight by the safari developer team. Let's hope they fix it soon.

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