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10.3: Pile document icons in one location Desktop
If you have a cluttered Desktop and want to clean it up either by putting all of the files to a certain application in one spot, or just want to take some related files from different Applications, just drag the files on top of each other and they will pile on top of each other. It's a good way to keep things straightend up!

[robg adds: Make sure you don't have "keep arranged" enabled if you wish to see this trick in action. I don't think you could do this in Jaguar, but I might be wrong. Regardless, it still strikes me as more of a bug than a feature -- it seems way too easy to lose one document under another. I use "keep arranged" to explicitly make sure that nothing winds up getting lost on the desktop.]
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Also works in Jaguar
Authored by: neoguri on Nov 02, '03 02:25:41PM

This also works in Jaguar. No big deal imo.

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Also works in Jaguar
Authored by: unforeseen:X11 on Nov 04, '03 04:52:18PM

yes, I discovered that in Jaguar too; whenever the Desktop is full, new Files get stacked up on the top right.

I won't call that a Feature, nor a bug. how else should they be arranged if there is simply no room??

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10.3: Pile document icons in one location
Authored by: mortimer on Nov 02, '03 07:08:56PM

I also think of this as a bug. For the reason that when I go from my desktop screen (1280x1024) to my smaller powerbook screen, my desktop icons get one on the others and can be lost.

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10.3: Pile document icons in one location
Authored by: lipids on Nov 02, '03 07:13:27PM

Actually,this <i>is</i> the most annoying Panther "feature". I recently designated a download folder because of this issue. I was downloading things to my desktop. When you have something in the bottom right of the screen and download multiple other items, they all just stack or "pile" on top of each-other. That mean I have to waste time and clicks to get to the file I want. The only way to get around it is if you select keep arranged. However, I do not like to keep things arranged by any of the selections offered. I prefer to use my own methods.

Suggesting it is a helpful organizational feature is just plain moronic.

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10.3: Pile document icons in one location
Authored by: ryanmathus on Nov 02, '03 09:44:05PM

Well sorry it's not to your liking. Thanks for calling it moronic asshole.

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Imho, piling document icons is not moronic
Authored by: jmzrsky on Nov 03, '03 04:41:44AM

Sticking up for ryanmathus' hint, I think a pile of freshly-downloaded document icons on the Desktop (or within any icon-view folder window) can be quite useful - it can visually segregate a new batch of "unread, unfiled" docs from those that are nicely spread out because they "permanently belong there." A pile of icons obscures its filenames, of course, but that may be appropriate - it's like a stack of papers in a (physical) inbox. It forces you to plow through it and file everything away. ;) After an hour of frenzied surfing, I may have three dozen new files on my Desktop, waiting to be moved elsewhere, while the rest of my Desktop still displays my carefully arranged "old-timers".

(Dudes, let's all refrain from words like a**hole ... but I for one will cheerfully confess to being anal-retentive! ;)

Semi-off-topic: For a good definition of Apple's patented "Piles" technology, now showing up in Panther's Expose, see

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RE: robg's comment
Authored by: inspired_tmu on Nov 02, '03 10:57:34PM

It should be noted that even with "Keep Arranged" enabled, you will still notice this behavior if you have too many icons and too low of a monitor resolution.

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RE: robg's comment- Huh? What?!
Authored by: kidred on Nov 04, '03 04:29:55PM

Sorry but in my 23" 19200x1600 rez too low??! I have the issue as well and I only have the far right column of icons on my desktop. So it's of note, this HAS NOTHING to do with low monitor rez OR too many icons. It must a bug or the stupidest feature I've ever seen. I've already sent feedback to Apple proclaiming this as a bug.

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10.3: Pile document icons in one location
Authored by: Hedderik on Nov 03, '03 06:52:09PM

Well, there are also users who actually like the fact that one can "group" icons by clustering them together. I've got a "pile of current paper" documents, a "pile of experimental data" documents, a pile of "PDFs still to read", etc.

So, it's definitely not a bug for me...

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10.3: Pile document icons in one location
Authored by: dlelash on Nov 06, '03 03:41:33PM

Yes, but the key factor in "piling" items on a 2-D desktop is that they don't overlap exactly, thus giving you some visual feedback about the size of the pile. If I understand this discussion correctly, in Panther the items are directly on top of each other, so only the top one can be seen. I would not consider that a valuable feature.

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10.3: Pile document icons in one location
Authored by: JayBee on Nov 07, '03 11:56:03PM
Sorry, but... what the hell are you guys talking about? So icons can be placed on top of each other? Haven't we been able to do that ever since icon arrangement was freed from "snap to grid" back with system 6 or whatever?

I'm totally missing something here. Can I get a screenshot?

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10.3: Pile document icons in one location
Authored by: drug on Jan 02, '04 05:39:33PM

exactly. this is not a new trick!!?
it's been possible for quite a long time. I used to use it to hide files and folders under a file. That's the only cunning thing you can use it for...

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