10.3: Upgrade CDs require existing 10.2 installation

Oct 31, '03 09:46:00AM

Contributed by: kubehead

I just received the Panther CDs from Apple for the Software Up-to-Date program. Disk 1 from the update set actually has the words "Upgrade Disk" printed on it. None of the other disks, 2 or 3, have the words "Upgrade Disc" on them. I make a point of this because I was doing some testing on a modified cube with a Sonnet Encore/ST 1.2 GHz processor and I wiped the hard drive before doing a clean install to see if the Panther OS would function properly. Disk 1 of the upgrade CD set will not do an install if there is no previous OS X installation on the hard drive.

I compared the Disk 1 CDs, and the serial or version numbers listed under "Version 10.3" are different:

All the rest of the CD's, 2 and 3, in both Retail and Upgrade versions, list the same serial or version numbers on them, 2Z691-4586-A and 2Z691-4587-A respectively. I took a cursory look at the "Mac OS X Panther Installation and Setup Guide" and there isn't anything mentioning that a previous OS X system has to be installed when using the Update CD's. I hope this spares someone extra time and grief.

[robg adds: This is the same thing that Apple did with the 10.2 upgrades. While I ordered the $19.95 upgrade (to have something as early on Friday as possible), I also purchased the five-user family pack for our posse of machines ("But really, honey, we need to buy two more Macs -- I have these two extra licenses for Panther!"). I prefer having a full install CD available, just in case. I'm disappointed that Apple doesn't think recent machine purchasers are deserving of a full copy of the OS...]

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