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10.3: Easy auto-mounting of server shares Network
This is so simple its stupid, but I wasted a while trying to figure it out. There are hints up here about automounting servers using netinfo tinkering. I wanted an easier way to config several macs to automount servers in Panther.


Startup Items in the Accounts pane of System Preferences. Just drag server icons from your desktop into the window like you would any application you want to run at startup. That's it. Not sure if it worked that way before 10.3. As a bonus, use the Add Password to Keychain in the Options when you connect and you wont have to type passwords next time either.

[robg adds: Wow, this should make a lot of people pretty happy -- we've run eight previous hints on automounting server volumes! I tested it from my PowerBook with a Personal File Sharing share, and sure enough, it worked as described.]
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10.3: Easy auto-mounting of server shares
Authored by: wfolta on Oct 31, '03 10:29:30AM

This almost/somteimes worked in previous versions at various times and if you dragged the right thing into the startup items at the right time.

If it reliably works now, that's very good news.

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10.3: Easy auto-mounting of server shares
Authored by: JohnnyMnemonic on Oct 31, '03 10:34:04AM

I had this working in 10.2.8, using the method that you described. On login, an AFP server would present a user/pass login challenge.

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This has worked since 10.2.0
Authored by: mustang_dvs on Oct 31, '03 11:24:52AM

Using exactly the method described in the hint, automounting of AFP shares has been working perfectly since 10.2.0 was released.

A similar method was hit-or-miss with 10.1.x

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10.3: Easy auto-mounting of server shares
Authored by: dave@mmu on Oct 31, '03 10:37:52AM

is there a way to make this a generic setting so any user who logs into the mac would get the volume?

Dave L

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Worked since 10.2
Authored by: mm2270 on Oct 31, '03 11:52:44AM
This is not new to Panther. It's worked since OS X 10.2. However, I don't find this to be a great solution, because after logging in, and providing your credentials if necessary, you'll get all your mounts open as windows because the system thinks they are folders (which in a sense they are) I can only speak for myself, but I find a bunch of windows opening at log-in very annoying. n my case, I have up to 8 server mounts, so that means 8 open windows! (guess that's one reason why they made Exposé, huh?)

The bottom line is that Apple has still not provided a simple way to have servers mount at log-in without having them pop open as windows. It befuddles me why they keep leaving this out of every version of OS X, but oh well.

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Worked since 10.2
Authored by: onebear on Nov 01, '03 08:44:44AM

I use this Applescript to close all server mount windows when booting;

tell application "Finder"
if the (count of windows) is not 0 then
close every window
end if
end tell

Simple but nice…

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Use Applescript
Authored by: webbix on Nov 01, '03 12:17:17PM
What happens if the share is not available? I login through a LAN IP at work but from home a from my gateway IP to the server behind the router. I have never used this method but have (and still do ) use an applescript to automate the connect and login. I keep the scripts in a folder I drag to the Dock and can launch as easily as any app. I also have a script to log me into the company file server as the 'owner' to allow doing admin easily. For security I compile the script as run only. I can not vouch for the possibility cracking this but someone would have to have access to the applet to do it anyway. The only thing I would like to add is to dismiss the login message window. Should be easy but I don't know the commands to do that. Dismiss with 'okay' but I can not target the window so I have not made any progress there with timeout of 180 seconds tell application "Finder" try --replace [] and contents as noted mount volume "afp://[server IP or NS name]/[share name]" as user name ¬ "[include the user name]" with password "[include password]" end try end tell end timeout

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Worked since 10.2
Authored by: aaanorton on Nov 17, '03 04:30:51PM

This is great, except that, for me, it only works for admin users. Any ideas to get all users working?

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10.3: Easy auto-mounting of server shares
Authored by: crcarpenter on Mar 20, '04 02:12:03PM

That's great. I also wasted my time and did something VERY similar.
I just created a simple script using mount volume "server:directory". I needed to mount to a few so I just created a script with a bunch of these mount directory commands in my script. I compiled my script and droped it into my startup items at the user admin window.
I did not have to enter username:password in my script because I had already created an entry in my keychain prior to mounting by script.
I decided to stay with the script method because I added a couple of lines to open one of the shares and go to a particular directory on startup.

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10.3: Easy auto-mounting of server shares
Authored by: tinadejarld on Jul 06, '04 05:35:52PM

Yes, this worked in 10.2. I've been relying on it for months. Now I've upgraded to 10.3 and it's broken. We are mounting Windows NT 4 server volumes and they no longer mount on startup. I see a -36 error when I look at the console.log. I've tried deleting and re-adding the server volumes several times. Sometimes one will mount, usually none (we mount 4 volumes). They mount fine manually using Go-Connect to Server. They show up in the list of startup Items under the Accounts Panel. The Kind is unknown while they are not mounted, but I read somewhere that was normal behavior. Any suggestions?

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10.3: Easy auto-mounting of server shares
Authored by: claidheamdanns on Jun 14, '05 08:15:00PM
I've been doing this in Panther for some time now, and only the last server to load loads with it's window open.

The one problem we've experienced is that it invariably will not load all of the servers on some of the workstations whereas it will on others. On the ones where it doesn't load all of them, looking in the startup items window reveals that it has renamed them.

For instance: I drag in Prepress 1, Prepress 2 and Prepress 3 and they show up fine in the window, but when I reboot only Prepress 1 and Prepress 3 show up at login. Upon examining the startup items window, I now have Prepress 1, Prepress 1, and Prepress 3.

Still, it beats having to log in to all of the servers at startup.

Gavin Anderson
The White Hawk

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