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10.3: Palm Pilot hot sync works with fast user switching System
I turned on fast user switching (which I am very excited about). Just after switching to the login screen, without thinking, I hit the Hot Sync button on my Palm Pilot stand. To my surprise, it synced to the logged-in account in the background. Also while logged in as another user, it worked to the background account to which the Palm Pilot belonged. Pretty nifty!

[robg adds: The general intent of fast user switching is that background processes keep running, though that statement has its limits (iTunes stops, iChat disconnects, etc.). I'm running this hint as a general reminder that you can do such things ... but I'm not planning on running a hint for every process that keeps working in fast user switching mode!]
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10.3: Palm Pilot hot sync works with fast user switching
Authored by: Spartacus on Oct 31, '03 11:03:42AM

What will happen if two logged-in users each have a Palm?

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10.3: Palm Pilot hot sync works with fast user switching
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 31, '03 11:41:45AM

Actually, I've found this to be very buggy. When I would try to HotSync, the Conduit Manager would launch in the background user's desktop, not mine, and then hang because my handheld was not configured for their home directory.

The problem is clearly that the Transport Monitor doesn't know how to work with more than one instance of itself running... Only enabling HotSync for one user is the only way to go.

This is where Palm really needs to make the software a true StartupItem and PreferencePane that handles multi-users the Mac OS X way...

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How to not "pause" iTunes when Fast User Switching...
Authored by: Todd LaVigne on Nov 04, '03 05:23:30PM

My question is this: Fast User Switching "pauses" iTunes by default when witching users. Is there any way to change this behavior? In Quicktime player there is an option as to whether it should stop playing when switching users, so is there any way to emulate that option in iTunes?

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This hint is wholly incorrect
Authored by: SOX on Jan 19, '04 12:01:27PM
Palm Hotsync is totally babmoozled by Fast user switching. It seems to pick one user and prefereintially tries to hot sync to that user if that person is logged in (background or foreground). The only way to force it to sync to a particular user is to make sure all other users are logged out when you press the hotsync button.

I cant quite figure out what the pattern is concerning which user it picks to be the lucky winner. It's not the person that installed the palm software. Its not the owner of the palmsoftware files. I'm begining to suspect its the one with the lower UID. Or maybe it stores this in a preference somewhere.

another problem occurs if you are using a palmConnect serial-to-usb adapter. Here (and this is documented on palm's lame support pages) you must unplug, wait, and re-plug the device in. If you dont the device will not always be recognized and the hotsync fail. It seem to help to plug the device in when the user you want to sync to is the only user logged in. I suspect this nutty behaviour has something to do with the fact that the device drivers for the usb-to-serial are stored in the palmDesktop software and not actually installed.

The web is filled with remedies that work for some people and not others to get palm's to sync. There seems to be a lot of inconsistency. And it seems that the software install is pretty hostile, and leaves marks that cant quite be uninstalled. Numerous people report their systems display signs of knowing about past users and devices. and solutions seem to work differently for people had palm softawre installed inially and those who are installing it for the first time.

What I am about to try is the following. I plan to set the permisssions on all the palm software so that only one user can execute it. I suspect this will force it to devote its attentions properly.

Palm should be ashamed. The tech support is worthless, ask the same questions 10 times and you will get ten different responses.

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This hint is wholly incorrect
Authored by: osprey1 on Jan 28, '04 06:58:29AM

I cannot get any hot sync to sync.
I would like to at least try "fast user switching". How do I turn in on? Dont know where to find it on my computer...

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