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Import playlists and songs into iTunes Apps
I've not seen this hint anywhere else, but maybe I've just missed it. If you have an iTunes folder at home, and another at work, and you want to merge the two you can do the following: Copy the work iTunes folder onto your external drive. When you get home, load up iTunes on your home machine. Then use the Finder to open the iTunes folder on your external hardrive and the iTunes Music folder within that. This contains folders with each album (or playlist, depending on how you created it). Now just drag each folder into the playlist area of iTunes. iTunes creates a playlist with the name of that folder, and imports the tracks from the hardrive, maintaining their names etc. Works on iTunes 4.X under Panther.
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Import playlists and songs into iTunes
Authored by: notmatt on Apr 29, '04 10:53:46AM

It seems likely that you'll have to have the 'keep iTunes music folder organised' and/or 'make a copy...' options checked in order for this to work. Do correct me if I'm mistaken, as I have no way to test.

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Import playlists and songs into iTunes
Authored by: ygor on Apr 29, '04 11:23:56AM

This sounds correct.

If those options are NOT selected, a playlist is still created, but the song tracks are not copied or moved.

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Import playlists and songs into iTunes
Authored by: allanmarcus on Apr 29, '04 02:27:14PM

I have a desktop and a laptop and I like to keep the same iTunes music library (~20GB) on both. I use a great freeware program called Sync <>. Synk is actively developed and the author responds quickly to questions.

One thing that I've found is that it best to have a "master" library, say on the desktop, and only make changes there. Then periodically I just run a one way Synk (a backup, if you will) from the desktop to the laptop. Synk only copies files that have changed, and you can set an option to overwrite files if the mod dates is newer, which forces the xml files in the iTunes music folder to copy.

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Import playlists and songs into iTunes
Authored by: ibalbin on Apr 29, '04 07:45:02PM

In the current version of iTunes it is possible to make a playlist of songs that you have dragged across from the iTunes shop. These obviously have hyperlinks to the shop embedded within. There does not seem to be
an obvious way to export this play list (which is different because it
does not link to songs on your physical drive) and easily bring it to
another machine. For example you might have collected a set of songs
you want to consider purchasing and then you want to take that from
home to work and every now and again listen to the preview and
decide whether you will buy.

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Import playlists and songs into iTunes
Authored by: sjk on Apr 30, '04 04:43:45PM

Anyone have recommendations how to best manage tracks that are originally saved on one volume (e.g. iBook, outside the iTunes Music folder), archived to another (e.g. Firewire drive), then some removed from the original volume and some copied from the other as needed?

iTunes is confused when it can't find tracks in their original locations and it's too much trouble manually selecting their new locations for more than a few tracks. Dragging an updated folder onto iTunes won't work as desired (and messes up original Date Added info).

So, I'm looking for some way to copy tracks between volumes *and* preserve the integrity of the iTunes library. Even with multiple libraries it's not clear what strategy to use. I haven't found any clear and complete explanation how to do such a thing. TIA for any advice or references.

Oh, after I get a desktop Mac I'll merge all tracks into one master library and clean that up, then keep a subset of it on my iBook. That'll be easier to manage.

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Import playlists and songs into iTunes
Authored by: JoeRod on May 05, '04 04:11:40PM

I run itunes on my pc as a server and play the music off my mac. Is there any way to make a playlist off the shared itunes machine, and a count of how many times played and rating?

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