10.3: Restore internet printing from Windows

Oct 30, '03 09:44:00AM

Contributed by: jhowk

After upgrading to Panther, my Windows machines stopped being able to print to printers attached to my Mac. The Panther upgrade chose to overwrite the .conf files in /etc/cups, but left the printer PPDs in place. Here's what it took to fix it (or create a new one).

To create/restore IPP printers

  1. modify /etc/cups/mime.types and uncomment out application/octet-stream
  2. modify /etc/cups/mime.convs and uncomment out application/octet-stream
  3. Browse to http://localhost:631/printers and click Add Printer
  4. Provide Name, Location, Description of Printer, click Continue.
  5. Choose appropriate device type for printer. A USB printer should appear in the drop down list (e.g. DESKJET 970C (HEWLETT-PACKARD DESJKET 970C)). You can choose that and avoid having to create a the device URL. Click Continue.
  6. Choose Make and Model
Your new printer should now appear in the printer list. (It should also appear in the Printer Setup Utility in Panther as well). A new option in the Printer Setup Utility is to hide a printer from the print dialog shown during a printing. You can hide the printer to avoid confusion for local printer users.

To install the printer in Windows:

  1. Click "Add a Printer" in Printers and Faxes, then click Next
  2. Click "A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer", click next
  3. Click "Connect to a printer on the Internet or on a home or office network"
  4. Fill in the URL (i.e. http://w.x.y.z:631/printers/printer_name).
  5. Select the Manufacturer and Printer Model, and select Yes/No to make printer the default.
If printing fails, make sure that the Windows printer drivers are using the RAW print processor. Happy Printing!

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