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10.3: Possible kernel panics on dual-boot machines System
One very sensible way, IMHO, to deal with a major upgrade like Jaguar to Panther is to install the new version on a second drive and dual boot until you feel comfortable that all your key apps can be carried across, and your ways of working aren't to be disrupted too violently. However, installing 10.3 on a system that will also run 10.2 seems to have a major problem. When I did this with my G4 system and eventualy rebooted back into 10.2.8 to return to my "production system," I found it was mysteriously Kernel Panicking after running for a few minutes.

This seemed to be one of those things that "just shouldn't happen", as the new Panther installation was confined to my second drive, and as far as I could determine had never laid a finger on my 10.2.8 drive. It hadn't, for example, replaced the USB kexts -- the cause of much exercising of the new KP interface in early versions of 10.2, as I recall. As an aside, the revised KP interface introduced around this time is VERY BAD piece of human interface design. It tells you simply that "Your computer needs to be restarted...", which is deeply misleading. It should say, in virtually all the cases of KP that I've ever come across on any UNIX: "There is a very serious instability in your hardware/software which will recur unless dealt with." But I digress...

The only cause I could think of is that somehow Panther has introduced some kind of change in my second drive that Jaguar doesn't know how to deal with. This pointed very obviously to the new journalling version of HFS+. Sure enough, once I had rebooted into Panther, used the Disk Utility to switch off journalling on the secondary drive, and rebooted back into Jaguar, my production system became wholly stable again. So I can now continue my gentle and controlled transition to the new version of the operating system.

[robg adds: For another data point, I ran a Panther/Jaguar dual boot machine for a month or so, and never had a single KP ... and I did not disable journaling. I'm not sure what's different between our systems, but if you're having KPs with dual boot systems, give this fix a try.]
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10.3: Possible kernel panics on dual-boot machines
Authored by: pcp_ip on Oct 29, '03 03:48:25PM
If you did the upgrade option of 10.3 (and not archive or clean install) then the postfix user wasn't added to Netinfo. You'll be seeing errors like:
postfix: fatal: file /etc/postfix/ parameter mail_owner: unknown user name value: postfix
follow the instructions at xlr8yourmac to run the create users script that the upgrade didn't run.

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10.3: No panics, but it is freezing a lot
Authored by: LeRoy Wong on Oct 29, '03 04:14:06PM

This is very interesting. I have a G4 733 QS that's been running strangely since I did an archive install of 10.3 on one of the drives. I ran disk first aid before I did the install also. The other drive has 10.2.4. I'm not getting kernel panics but I am getting a lot of system freezes that I can't force quit out of. I also was suddenly getting disk errors, which makes it infuriating to troubleshoot with all these variables. iDVD has been flakey as well, although that's an issue I've been having for awhile now. I thought perhaps Panther was more sensitive to RAM now. When I ran Techtool Pro it indicated something was wrong with the RAM, so I took one of the possibly defective modules out. I'll have to test further for a few days to see.

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similar issue, different solution
Authored by: natecook on Oct 29, '03 05:13:57PM

I had more or less the same problem -- installed 10.3 onto a second hard disk in my G4 PowerMac, it runs great and everything is cool. Reboot into 10.2, and all of a sudden I'm having dependable kernel panics. At first I thought it was trying to burn CDs (since that's why I rebooted -- Toast wasn't working for me), but then I realized it would happen after 15-20 minutes even if I just stared at it.

Long story short, I ran the 'repair permissions' thing from disk utility under 10.2 with my fingers crossed. It hung for a while toward the end, but came through and I've had two days of uptime now and have burned CDs, so it seems to be solved...

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Confirming problem and the fix...
Authored by: mickelsn on Oct 29, '03 06:17:49PM

I had the same problem with my machine upon first installing Panther--wish that I had known the solution, as it would have prevented a VERY long night installing every app I own to return the machine to full ops before my wife needed it after the weeked!!

Anyway, I'm running a PowerMac G4/933 with two 120GB hard drives connected to the main IDE bus, and the factory-original 60GB hard drive connected to the (slower) IDE bus used for the SuperDrive. I did a clean install of Panther to the 60GB bus and things went fine; however, I had (seemingly random, but fairly quick) kernel panics upon rebooting to my 10.2.8 install on the "master" 120GB drive on the main IDE bus. Thought about pulling the small drive off the secondary bus to test, but decided against and just plunged into Panther full time and did a new (clean) install on my "slave" 120GB drive since that would now be the drive that I ended up migrating everything to for long-term use.

After seeing this hint, I went back and checked my journaling settings--the two drives that had a Panther installation were set to "journaled," but the original 10.2.8 drive had journaling disabled. I did a quick test by disabling journaling on all drive and rebooting to my 10.2.8 installation--no kernel panics with approx. 10 minutes of light-duty test usage (the kernel had always panicked within 2 minutes before). Problem understood, but I'm never going back to Jaguar--Fast User Switching is just to convenient for my wife and I!!

Anyways, thanks to the original poster for figuring out the problem!!

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Confirming problem and the fix...
Authored by: mickelsn on Oct 29, '03 06:20:14PM

BTW, I did try the "repair permissions" trick noted above by booting from my Jaguar install CDs. It did some fixes, but had zero impact on my problem. Perhaps for the other user the repair permissions somehow turned off journaling in addition to fixing permissions?

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10.3: Possible kernel panics on dual-boot machines
Authored by: aranor on Oct 30, '03 07:53:52PM

Erm, I don't think the problem had anything to do with journaling. Jaguar had journaling too, just no GUI way of accessing it. I believe there was a hint here (I may be wrong) about how to turn it on.

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10.3: Possible kernel panics on dual-boot machines
Authored by: huskerchad on Nov 01, '03 12:53:26AM

This doesn't sound like a problem with Jaguar, it sounds like a problem with Norton from Symantec. It installs kernel extensions that will cause a panic if you have journaling enabled. Any chance you have it installed?

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