10.3: Setting default web and mail clients in Panther

Oct 29, '03 09:45:00AM

Contributed by: Anonymous

Here is one problem I encountered, but solved. I use multiple browsers, especially testing out nightly builds of Firebird, etc, as does my husband, who also tests out email clients, like Thunderbird. So, naturally, we use the Internet Pref Pane in the System Prefs, a lot ... and in Panther, it's gone! After much searching about, it finally dawned on me- if you want to change your default browser or email client, here is how:

Drawback: if you are like me, you may have deleted the Mail app from your system. You will need Safari and Mail to reside on your system, whether you use them or not if you want to change your default email and browser apps in future.

[robg adds: This is a basic hint, but this change is very confusing if you're migrating from 10.2. I don't know why Apple chose to move these settingsi into the applications (force Apple application usage?), but I think it was a poor decision. Why would you expect to set a default application from within another application?]

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