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10.3: Resolve issues with 'other firewall software' Network
OK, this isn't much of a hint, but ... after I upgraded my iMac to Panther, I received an error when I tried to change my firewall settings through the sharing control panel that stated "other firewall software running." I have seen this posted to other forums as well. To resolve this issue, just delete Library -> Preferences -> and reboot.

Boom, just like that things work again.
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10.3: Resolve issues with 'other firewall software'
Authored by: yellow on Oct 27, '03 11:31:06AM

Or, in the Terminal:

sudo ipfw flush

Then go to your precious GUI control and it's all yours again.

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10.3: Resolve issues with 'other firewall software'
Authored by: LFransson on Oct 27, '03 01:49:12PM

That didn't work. Removing the plist did.

Larry Fransson
Seattle, WA

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10.3: Resolve issues with 'other firewall software'
Authored by: yellow on Oct 27, '03 02:05:44PM

Sometimes it does. :D

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10.3: Resolve issues with 'other firewall software'
Authored by: tajjohnson on Nov 21, '03 08:40:13PM

This hint worked perfectly for me on 10.3 installed on a Desktop G4.

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'other firewall software'
Authored by: hamarkus on Oct 27, '03 12:26:28PM

I have seen this message several times in the past (i.e. w/Jaguar), without actually running any additional firewire software. I eventually tracked it down to VirtualPC (6.0, Win2K, shared networking), whenever I start up VPC (and restart System Preferences) this message appears, and when I quit VPC (and restart SP), the message always dissappears.

A post on a newsgroup found by Google where the same behavior was described with W98 (though not with W95, both with shared networking) had pointed me to this solution. Apparently other software like CarraFix exhibit the same behavior.

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10.3: Resolve issues with 'other firewall software'
Authored by: jecwobble on Oct 27, '03 02:09:04PM

I've seen this before, too, with Jaguar. When ever I use the CLI ipfw to change any firewall settings, the Sharing preference pane thinks some other firewall software is running. I first noticed it when experimenting with BrickHouse. I never looked at the file before. Could it be that the pref-pane compares it's settings from the file to what ipfw reports is active, then assumes any differences were done using some other software?

Personally, I think the pref-pane should have an 'advanced' screen to allow some common ipfw activities there.

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10.3: Resolve issues with 'other firewall software'
Authored by: bluehz on Oct 27, '03 06:58:27PM

I think basically the PrefPane looks at the current IPFW list of rules and if it sees anything other than the standard default rule - then it assumes you are using another firewall.

I personally am using a manually created IPFW firewall per hints here. I see it starting up as it goes through its process and then at the very end of the startup (long after the ipfw script has run) I see a notice "waiting for firewall" and there is a pause of about 20 seconds which is what is normally posted when the Apple firewall is starting up. So I am wondering if I need to find out a way to manually turn off the OS X installed firewall. Looked for it in all the Startup Items dirs and could not find it though.

I am wondering if those of use that use a customized firewall may need to change from using "Firewall ---YES---" in the /etc/hostconfig file (which normally launches Apples fw) to another bit of text for the startup scripts to watch for in plist. For example - it could be something like "IPFW ---YES---" and "Firewall ---NO---" to start your own firewall and not Apple's. You can make the keyword anything you want within the StartupItem.

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Firewall pref pane is just a user interface
Authored by: hayne on Oct 27, '03 09:44:24PM

Just to clarify - the Firewall preference pane is just a user interface for configuring the ipfw firewall. That interface is not terribly sophisticated and so gets confused if you have used some other means of configuring the ipfw firewall.

But it is ipfw that is being referred to when the startup message says "waiting for firewall".

There is nothing that you should disable if you use some other means of setting the ipfw rules. Just ignore the Firewall preference pane.

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10.3: Resolve issues with 'other firewall software'
Authored by: xavierbdm on Oct 27, '03 06:25:52PM

thanks this has been bothering me for ages (even with jaguar, as I was using BrickHouse, but even when I disabled it, Apple Syst Pref/ sharing would still give me this message)

I should have thought so... Some pref files to trash, just like in OS9!
(and stupid me thought that from reading the ipfw command file my prefpane would assume I had a firewall.... Not!)


iMac G4 17 800/512/80 + powerbook firewire G3 500/512/30

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10.3: Resolve issues with 'other firewall software'
Authored by: mauiwillie on Dec 07, '03 09:18:04PM

There is an issue here that needs a little more clearifying and that is whether Brickhouse was used under 10.2 before installing Panther over it. I was getting this issue and none of the Terminal commands or firewall.plist file removals seemed to correct the problem. After working a long time with support and facing a complete systems rebuild, I looked further into the problem. I never suspected that Brickhouse would be the problem because it is advertised as a Gui front end to the standard OSX firewall and not a third party firewall replacement. When I removed all references to Brickhouse, this problem disappeared. I asked 2nd level Apple to update their knowledge base, but I gather they have not.
I did notice that a discussion by Mac Scott under Panther discussions also stated a similar situation. He stated :

First, have you ever played with a program called BrickHouse? If you did, you may find a file called firewall.conf in your etc directory, plus, look in your /Library/StartupItems directory for startup scripts and trash them.

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