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Stop Carbon CD-ROMs from auto-launching Apps
I was stumped by an inability to find the setting to turn off autoplay of CD-ROMs. Actually in this case it's a disk copy image of the CD-Rom "Reader Rabbit Toddler". Every time the disk image was mounted it auto-opened the install application. I could have sworn a setting for this was either in the "CD/DVD" system preferences or the QuickTime system prefs, but it appears in neither.

To make a long story short, there is no autoplay setting in OS X. I was remembering it from OS 9 - but OS 9's autoplay settings do affect CD-ROMs with Carbon autoplay applications on them - talk about confusing! To disable this irritation, launch any Classic application and then in the Classic Apple Menu select the "QuickTime Settings" control panel. In there, select "Autoplay" and uncheck the option to autoplay CD-ROMs. That will stop those pesky auto-launch applications from running.
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Stop Carbon CD-ROMs from auto-launching
Authored by: wgscott on Oct 20, '03 11:30:56AM

I wish you had posted this months ago. You could have saved hours of tantrums. Thank you for figuring this out and submitting this hint!!!

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Authored by: momerath on Oct 20, '03 12:38:15PM

Eww! Auto-run is a pretty nasty thing (a Windows thing) and I am unhappy that it's enabled by default on OS X. It seems like a bit of a security hazard.

And this hint could allow the circumvention of a new copy-protection measure that depends on auto-run to install some nasty drivers. So maybe it's a violation of the DMCA. >:P Stupid DMCA.

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Stop Carbon CD-ROMs from auto-launching
Authored by: gommino_2000 on Oct 20, '03 01:18:53PM

Rather than launching an application first to start classic, you can just navigate to the "Quicktime Settings" control panel and then double-click it which will start classic...saves you a couple of seconds!

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Stop Carbon CD-ROMs from auto-launching
Authored by: mmouse on Oct 20, '03 01:34:09PM

Actually, you can edit some of the auto-launching functionality of OS X (non-classic) apps as well, at least under Jaguar (10.2) and later...

Open the System Preferences application, and choose "CDs & DVDs." For any of the described actions (such as "When you insert a picture CD:"), choose "Ignore" from the pop-up menu to the right. That particular auto-launch action is then disabled.

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Stop Carbon CD-ROMs from auto-launching
Authored by: sjonke on Oct 21, '03 04:38:46PM

Those settings don't deal with auto-launch CD-ROMs. It would certainly make sense for the toggle to be in that system preferences panel, but it isn't there and isn't anywhere else in OS X either, only in Classic's QuickTime Settings.

--- What?

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Note from an anonymous reader...
Authored by: robg on Oct 22, '03 10:16:10AM
This was sent via the new hint form from "Rick:"
It's worth noting that the OS 9 CD AutoPlay feature is only active while the Classic Environment is active. If you don't have Classic running, it won't matter whether the setting in the OS 9 QuickTime preferences is on or off -- nothing will automatically launch.

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