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10.3: Office (and other?) updater issues due to .mac sync Install
While I was testing Apple's seeds of Panther, I ran into a small problem when I tried to install and update Microsoft Office v.X. I think this might help some folks using these updaters (and possibly other Vise updaters). The Office 'drag and drop' installation went fine, but the Office v.X 10.1.2 updater seemed to hang at startup when displaying a "Gathering information..." popup. Quite annoying.

A small look at the currently running processes helped me to solve this mystery: a "webdav mount" process was working quietly along with the installer. Thanks to Panther, if you have a .mac account and if you have activated the iDisk auto-sync feature, your computer will automatically mount your iDisk whenever connected to Internet.

It was the case here, and the updater was busy looking for Office through all mounted volumes, including the whole iDisk, with its "software" directory provided by Apple. Given the tremendous speed of iDisk's webdav, it can take a few hours to achieve this task.

The fix for this problem is pretty simple: just disconnect from Internet when running some Vise updaters, including Office's, and everything goes fine afterwards.

[robg adds: I had this happen with a separate updater this weekend, so I figure this is quite relevant!]
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10.3: Office (and other?) updater issues due to .mac sync | 6 comments | Create New Account
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10.3: Office (and other?) updater issues due to .mac sync
Authored by: david-bo on Oct 27, '03 06:19:13AM

This happend to me too even though I don't have iDisk. First I force quitted the installer twice after a few minutes but the third time I let it run for an hour or so and then when I lookad at it everything had worked out. However, on the other computer I have there where never any problem with the Office Updates. Don't know what the difference was.


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10.3: Office (and other?) updater issues due to .mac sync
Authored by: PapaJosh on Oct 27, '03 09:54:17AM

Just an FYI, we at MindVision knew about this problem a while ago. It has been addressed in newer versions of VISE, but unfortunately, there's not much that can be done for the installers already out there. Thanks, Apple! ;)

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10.3: Office (and other?) updater issues due to .mac sync
Authored by: nekura on Oct 27, '03 10:53:47AM

Yup, I read something about this being corrected some time ago in a version of VISE installer.
Unfortunately, Microsoft seems to be very happy with the version they are using...

Well, at least this is not a blocking issue. I had worse problems with updaters for the french version of Office.

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Mine didn't take so long
Authored by: mr_rangr on Oct 27, '03 09:55:07AM

Granted, I only have 20 megs on my sync'd iDisk and I have broadband, but the Office updaters took maybe 30 seconds to scan for old versions, and I did see it hit my iDisk space.

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10.3: Office (and other?) updater issues due to .mac sync
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 27, '03 09:45:07PM

If software developers didn't use these horrendous search-all-mounted-drives updaters then we wouldn't have this problem.

(Yes, I realise there are some theoretical advantages of being able to search all mounted drives, but these are clearly outweighed by how long it takes.)

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10.3: Office (and other?) updater issues due to .mac sync
Authored by: GaelicWizard on Oct 31, '03 11:42:40PM

Does it bother anybody that this software program that may very well have been courupted accidentally or intentionally is scanning your ENTIRE hard drive and ALL your external drives AND network drives?!

It bothers me...



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