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Using a Targus USB to Serial adapter with OS X System
I had been looking to replace my Keyspan USB to serial adapter recently. It has taken quite a beating over the last two years and the cable was getting frayed at the ends. It has worked exceptionally well and the drivers have never caused me any problems. However, I use the port to program switches and routers NOT for syncing a Palm and the "dongle like" physical presence was not allways the easiest to work with in tight environments.

I found exactly what I wanted at Computers4Sure; it is a Targus USB Serial cable. It looks almost like a 6 foot serial cable. It has a USB connector at one end and a small Male serial connection at the other. The issue is it does not come with Mac Drivers. Poking around with USB Probe from Apple's development kit, I learned that it used the chip set from Magic Control Technology. I downloaded and installed the driver posted here.

Unfortunately there were two warnings issued during the install. One I honestly do not remember. The second had to do with permissions and security, which I chose to "fix the problem," given three choices before proceeding.

I am happy to say it has worked well over the last 48 hours under 10.2.8 on an older G3 PowerBook with no problems what so ever. So if you are in need of a good console type USB to serial adapter, I think this product or its Magic Control Technology version will do the job.
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Using a Targus USB to Serial adapter with OS X | 5 comments | Create New Account
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The second warning...
Authored by: thinkyhead on Oct 13, '03 06:30:51PM a standard warning given when installing kernel extensions that were built on an earlier version of the Developer Tools (i.e., the 10.1.x versions). It shouldn't result in any problems.

| slur was here

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Problem with MCT drivers
Authored by: _merlin on Oct 13, '03 08:32:26PM

MCT chipsets are quite common. They are also used in the Dolphin Fast USB-RS232, and the no-name USB to serial interfaces sold at Jaycar in Australia. I have one myself, and it's been quite reliable.

There is a problem with the drivers, though. They do not support disabling of RTS-CTS handshaking. The software may think it has disabled handshaking, but the chipset will refuse to send data until the device it is attached to asserts the CTS line.

This is fine with most devices, as those that don't support handshaking often hold this line high permanently. However, it has been a problem with some embedded control systems that I have to program, and with my HP49G graphing calculator, as these devices have no physical CTS line.

I have two work-arounds for the problem. The first is to disable the OS X driver (physically unplug it, then use kextunload, plug it in again), and access it from Classic. Then enable the OS X driver when I want it in OS X again (unplug it, use kextload, plug it in again). The second is to make a cable with the RTS and CTS lines connected together to fool the thing.

I actually contacted MCT, and it seems they paid an independant developer to write the driver. They don't seem to have any intention of fixing it soon.

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Using a Targus USB to Serial adapter with OS X
Authored by: bfr00 on Oct 13, '03 10:05:48PM

Have you looked at the serial port commands available in Smile?

Class IO device : (inherits from basic object) I/O peripheral

Class Delcom USB Board : (inherits from IO device) ( the IO device for driving the Digital I/O USB Delcom board. Includes two ports of 8 bits each.
slot small integer -- index of the USB Delcom board, used to identify the device if several are present, default 1
digital port by numeric index

Class digital port : I/O digital port
contained data small integer -- a value between 0 and 255
bit by numeric index

Class bit : I/O bit
contained data small integer -- 0 or 1

Class RS232 : (inherits from IO device) RS232 device
configname string -- UNIX path to the serial port (as provided in the serial ports Smile's property)
RSOptions RSOptions
enabled boolean
contained data string -- data to send or data received

Class RSOptions : Options for RS232
bauds small integer
databits small integer -- data bits count (5, 6, 7 or 8)
stopbits small integer -- 1: send one stop bit, 2: send two stop bits
parity small integer -- 0: disabled, 1: enabled, 2: odd parity
flowcontrol small integer -- 0: none, 1: outbounds CTS, 2: inbounds DTR, 3: enable input and output flow control

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Panther Using a Targus USB to Serial adapter?
Authored by: dbowen on Dec 30, '03 12:04:05PM

Does this work with Panther? upon inserting the adapter into the USB port, I get an error saying that the kernel extension is not valid, and it disables it.

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Using a Targus USB to Serial adapter with OS X
Authored by: af3556 on Sep 21, '06 06:36:23PM
The chipset manufacturer for this Targus device doesn't seem at all interested in supporting the Mac - the drivers at haven't been updated in years, and they "do not support Intel Solution". i.e. no Macbook for you.

A Prolific-based device is a far better bet: Prolific have updated their drivers for Intel, and even better there's an open-source driver that works very well: - you're spoiled for choice!

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