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Deleting 'Rescued Items' from the Classic environment Classic
While browsing the file system from the Terminal the other day, I discovered that the Trash folder at the top level of my Start up disk contained 250Mb of files in "Rescued Items from HD" folders. This disk contains my Classic System (OS9), although I never boot OS 9 from this disk, so I can only assume that when the Classic Environment crashes and is restarted, it still saves useless rescued folders to the (now invisible in OS X) top level Trash directory just as it did in OS 9. In OS X, trash is separated for each user and resides in their home directory.

If you use Classic much and need a bit of space, it may be worthwhile to periodically empty this directory. For those unwilling to use the Terminal, the top-level trash can be emptied from applications like Xupport.

[robg adds: From the Terminal, you should be able to use sudo rm -r "/.Trashes/Rescued Items from HD" to get rid of this folder.]
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Deleting 'Rescued Items' from the Classic environment
Authored by: prock on Oct 10, '03 09:10:13PM

so, as someone that never uses the terminal but does use the classic envirnment (which crashes periodically), how do I go about finding that pesky rescued items folder?

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Deleting 'Rescued Items' from the Classic environment
Authored by: darndog on Oct 10, '03 10:01:44PM

Just to clarify, there were about 10 Rescued items folders, and I think they were in /Trash rather than /.Trashes

If you've never used the terminal I'd recommend using a GUI tool like Xupport or similar, you can do some real damage with the sudo rm command above, especially if you carelessly insert a space after the /
google for a mac os x terminal guide, or type man rm into a terminal for instructions, and its always safer to practice somewhere other than the root directory.


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Deleting 'Rescued Items' from the Classic environment
Authored by: JohnnyMnemonic on Oct 14, '03 07:35:11PM

It's been awhile, but IIRC this was a known issue in OS 9--or was it OS 8? But it was corrected--maybe with an autodelete mechanism of these recovered files after a crash. Or something. But presumably, that cleanup is not occurring due to the way that Classic operates.

This kBase article I believe describes the issue I mean.

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Deleting 'Rescued Items' from the Classic environment
Authored by: Peter Kappesser on Oct 14, '03 09:57:57PM

A related issue bit me recently. The "Temporary Items" folders at the root level of each volume, invisible in OS 9, are temptingly visible in OS X. I'd stashed some files I'd downloaded there. After rebooting in OS 9 to use a program that's not compatible with Classic, these files got moved to the OS 9 Trash as "Rescued Items" -- which I didn't notice until after emptying the Trash, thus losing the files. Not even Norton could find traces of them to recover.

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