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Use Preview to save pictures from the clipboard in any format Apps
If you copy an image to your clipboard, then go to and click File -> New from Pasteboard (Command-N), you get the image from your clipboard in a new window. Ways you can get images into your clipboard could be with Safari (Control-click on the image and select Open image in new window, then Edit -> Copy), or add the Control key to any of the key combinations that capture the screen, which are covered in this hint. Finally, you could select part of an image in a graphics program and copy that.

You can then click on File -> Export to save as a JPEG or any other format; if you try to save it with Save or Save As, you will only be able to save it as a TIFF.

[robg adds: An earlier hint touched on this ability in Preview, but the instructions were wrong (you can't hit Command-V) and the export step was missing.]
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Why did they ever take away....
Authored by: jriskin on Oct 06, '03 03:36:22PM

The ability to just change the format which the clipboard saves in. Correct me if I'm wrong but I clearly remember being able to set the format in an early 10.x version.

That way we wouldn't HAVE to paste in to Preview at all to save a jpeg or a png format image.

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Easier "Copy to Clipboard" in Safari
Authored by: danielmaui on Oct 06, '03 07:01:38PM

The easier way to copy an image to the clipboard from within Safari, is to merely Control-Click the image in question and select "Copy Image to Clipboard"

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Thanks! I never noticed Preview had Export *nm*
Authored by: avonterr on Oct 06, '03 10:45:55PM


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useful with keynote
Authored by: wgscott on Oct 07, '03 01:40:50AM

One of my few gripes about Keynote vs. Powerpoint is that powerpoint lets you save each individual slide as a tiff (or whatever) file. Keynote does not.

This comes pretty close to solving the problem. Just do a "select all" followed by copy from a keynote slide, and then save it in the desired format as per the instructions above.

The background will be white instead of whatever it is in keynote, but the flexibility more than makes up for it. Saving as a pdf seems to work better this way than with keynote's save as pdf. I don't know why.

Anyway thanks for posting a great hint

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useful with keynote
Authored by: mezis on Mar 03, '04 08:00:29AM

Actually you can save individual TIFFs from KeyNote: export as quicktime movie, and choose "Image Sequence" as the output format.

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Use Preview to save pictures from the clipboard in any format
Authored by: bluehz on Oct 07, '03 07:27:43PM

jriskin - you are correct. Earlier versions of OS X allowed you to choose various formats for saving screenshots, but it has since been removed... nobody really knows why.

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If I had to guess...
Authored by: jriskin on Oct 08, '03 03:04:06PM

If I had to take a guess at why, the only thing that makes logical sense to me is that maybe some Apple coder used GPL'ed source code or maybe used code they thought was LGPL or similar and then had to take it out when they went through the code and realized their mistake.

Otherwise it doesn't make a lot of sense to remove such a harmless yet useful piece of functionality that was working well!

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Use Preview to save pictures from the clipboard in any format
Authored by: DougAdams on Apr 16, '04 08:36:23AM
Put artwork of first selected iTunes track into the clipboard:
tell application "iTunes"
	set sel to item 1 of selection
	if (get artworks of sel) is not {} then
		set the clipboard to (data of (get artwork 1 of sel)) as picture
	end if
end tell

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