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Moving windows between desktops with Desktop Manager Apps
I have recently started using DesktopManager (an open-source virtual desktop application) as my new desktop manager. It is extremely fast at switching, and is very light on the resources. One problem with it is that it is still lacking in one feature that is really important: Moving currently opened windows to a different desktop. Here is the trick I use to move them.

Go to the desktop with the app you want to move. Once there, hide the application's windows. Switch to the desktop you want it on. Click on the icon in the dock and show all the windows. Voila! It has moved!
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Moving windows between desktops with Desktop Manager
Authored by: krisbrowne42 on Sep 29, '03 12:49:17PM

If you want to move just one window instead of the entire application, you can minimize that window, and bring it back up in the other.

And submit it as a request to the developers to have a CMM to move the window, otherwise they won't know people want it.

The package said \"Windows 95 or better. Pentium or better\"... So I got a Mac with OS X.

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Moving windows between desktops with Desktop Manager
Authored by: seven5 on Sep 29, '03 03:00:22PM

hey, thats a good one too!

Yes, i have submitted it as a feature request, as well as Sticky apps.

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Moving windows between desktops with Desktop Manager
Authored by: bustthis on Sep 29, '03 11:14:12PM

i am getting tons of these messages in console since i have been using desktop manager.

/Applications/Utilities/Desktop Manager/ kCGErrorFailure : CGGStackRestore: gstack underflow.

over and over...

do you know why, is this bad?


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inadequate virtual desktops
Authored by: plaguebearer on Sep 30, '03 05:12:32AM

None of these Virtual desktop products fix issues I've run into.

Issue 1) Quit Photoshop running on a system when the layer effects window was last opened on a second monitor. Remove the second monitor and move the system to another location where no second monitor is available. Launch photoshop. When I try to use a layer effect. The pallet opens off screen. Photoshop's 'arrange windows' command doesn't move it onto the desktop. the only way to get it back is to dump the photoshop prefs. (a real Pi$$er if you have lots of customizations)

Issue 2) On a Lime iBook with 800X600 Max Resolution. Launch an app that requires a resolution above 800X600 (Such as Eric's Ultimate Solitaire) Any functions and controls that run off the bottom of the screen are completely unusable. And there is no way to move the window to temporarily reach the controls.

Some way to synthesize a higher resolution would be handy. Anyone got any ideas?

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Moving windows between desktops with Desktop Manager
Authored by: jerzee4 on Mar 25, '09 08:02:49AM

I tried both techniques (hide, change window, unhide and minimize, change window, maximize) NEITHER works. The window (Excel) always comes back on the same desktop the document was opened on. This includes the format pallet which always opens on desktop the application was opened on.

The only way I can get all windows on the desktop I want is to open the application on that window.

Using OS X 10.5.6

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Moving windows between desktops with Desktop Manager
Authored by: nab26 on Oct 09, '09 05:53:45AM

A partial solution exists for DesktopManager, using v0.5.4 (search for 'desktopmanager 0.5.4r1') on this Macbook Pro, OS X 10.5.8. That is to also enable Spaces (I have it configured identically to DM, 4 desktops in a row). Then you can minimize a window, switch desktops, and open to have it appear somewhere else. Note that this doesn't work for Firefox, which as I understand isn't fully Cocoa viz Camino which (I expect) would work as described.

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