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Browse images in alphabetic order in Preview Apps
A small hint, but one which helped me save a lot of time. When you open a batch of images with Preview after selecting them in the Finder, you get them in a random order, which is pretty annoying.

But if you just change the presentation of the window in the Finder to column view, select the images and open them, they will appear in alphabetical order in Preview. Alternatively, you can open them from the open menu in Preview, but I usually found that takes longer.

[robg adds: Amazing. The random order thing has bugged me for a long time, and I never thought to try switching to column view. Ironically, I use column view all the time for my normal Finder windows, but tend to open digital camera image folders in either icon or list view mode ... this hint marks the end of that practice!]
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Browse images in alphabetic order in Preview
Authored by: seven5 on Sep 24, '03 11:06:12AM

GREAT hint... Panther has fixed this little nasty bug, but while still using Jaguar this is a nice hint to have. thanks!

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feeds complaints about "NeXTies"
Authored by: tomem on Sep 24, '03 11:36:09AM

This is a bizarre example of the chronic lack of support for the list view in OS X. It took FOREVER to get other problems with the list view corrected.

And yet: there is still no support for anything but alpha sorting in the Column view! Ah well, the Finder is supposedly redesigned in 10.3. We'll see...

Crofton, MD

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feeds complaints about "NeXTies"
Authored by: aranor on Sep 26, '03 03:26:56AM

Sorry, no dice

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Browse images in alphabetic order in Preview
Authored by: Viridian on Sep 24, '03 11:38:01AM

It never fails to surprise me that others may not know something I stumbled on accidentally. I guess I figure that other Mac users are smarter than I am. I've been using Column view to open batches of images in Preview for over a year, and it never occurred to me to submit this as a hint.

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Help a brother out
Authored by: Lizard_King on Sep 24, '03 05:26:06PM

If any user behavior or system interaction defies intiution or common logic I would be inclined to submit a hint proposal.

I can't explain the logic behind this Finder->Preview behavior other than its a bug... Don't expect that other users, regardless of how "smart" they may seem, will stumble upon the same workarounds you uncover.

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Browse images in alphabetic order in Preview
Authored by: ngb on Sep 24, '03 07:08:06PM

The behavior of opening a batch of files in apparently random order is consistent with how Mac OS9 behaves. It's also not a strictly a problem with Preview, I've seen this behavior with Photoshop and other programs as well.

You might say column view breaks the expected Mac behavior, but I'd claim that it is actually giving the what should be the preferred behavior.

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Browse images in alphabetic order in Preview
Authored by: p4ul13 on Sep 24, '03 08:51:31PM
Sometimes when I'm opening a bunch of pictures in preview, it'll crash. If I leave out a picutre or teo it'll be fine and I haven't found any ryme or reason for it. All the jpgs come from the same digital camera and are either dragged and dropped from their card or pulled in through Image Capture.

Haven't seen anything on the apple support pages. Any thoughts?

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