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Connect to a Motorola C350 phone with iSync Apps
I just bought a USB memory card reader that happened to have a mini-USB cable compatible with the Motorola C350 phone. This phone is widely available in Europe, but not yet in the US. Internally, it works the same as a C330. This is the procedure to make iSync recognize the phone. As usual, make a copy of the files you are about to modify.

Open a terminal window. Go to the directory /System -> Library -> SyncServices -> MotorolaConduit.bundle -> Contents -> MacOS. Use emacs or any binary-capable editor to modify the executable file MotorolaConduit. Assuming you're using emacs, type Control-S followed by C330 to find the string "C330." Modify the string into C350. Now type Control-X followed by Control-S to save the file and exit. Make sure you have not modified any other byte in the file.

Go into /System -> Library -> SyncServices -> MotorolaConduit.bundle -> Contents -> Resources and copy C330.tiff to C350.tiff. Edit the file USBDevice.plist, and go to the line that reads:

and change it to read:

Then launch iSync and in the Devices menu do Add Device ... I just synched my C350 with iCal, so I know this works.
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Connect to a Motorola C350 phone with iSync
Authored by: derPlau on Sep 23, '03 01:49:59AM

Works for me... sorta. But beware the kernel panic! Seems to suffer from the USB hub problem: I had to plug straight into the computer's USB port rather than my Keyspan hub.

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Connect to a Motorola C350 phone with iSync
Authored by: Orj on Sep 25, '03 07:31:05AM
Works great with me, no single trouble yet! Thanks! This makes the C350 the cheapest solution to share info with a Mac: e.g. in France, count:
  • 120 to 150 euros for the phone with a phone card pack,
  • 10 euros for the male-USB/male-mini-USB cable
and you get your appointments and phonebook in your pocket!

Precautions: (discovered by syncing with a test user account)

  • before your first synchronization, create an empty group "GSM" in the AddressBook and point to it in iSync, so that you know which numbers come from your phone
  • iSync only sees the numbers in the phone memory, not in the ones in the SIM
  • when you delete an entry in the phone and then iSync, the phone number (but not the name) is deleted from your AddressBook

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Connect to a Motorola C350 phone with iSync
Authored by: bluehz on Sep 25, '03 07:09:14PM

Probably not the right place to ask.... but oh well...

I am just about to change my cell phone plan after 4 years and am thinking of going with Verizon as they offer the free data connections (no isp req'd). I have been shopping for an inexpensive, no nonsense, no frills phone that will work with iSync, but the list is so limited. Can anyone suggest a phone or even one that works but is not on the list of "devices" at the iSync page?

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Don't forget...
Authored by: lamon on Oct 08, '03 05:32:49PM do it again when you upgrade. Unfortunately, today's iSync version still do not officially support the C350.

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Connect to a Motorola C350 phone with iSync
Authored by: steveston on Oct 21, '03 10:56:24PM

I just got this phone today (i heard bad things about the officially-supported C333) and am SO impressed with this iSync hack. Works beautifully and this USB phone is very cool and much cheaper than the Bluetooth options. One thing: since iSync only syncs with the phone memory not the SIM memory, its advisable to create a sub-group in your AddressBook called 'C350' or something and only sync contacts from that group.

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Connect to a Motorola C350 phone with iSync
Authored by: lamon on Nov 14, '03 05:29:25PM

I just upgraded to Panther and the C350 syncs out of the box. No more hack needed.

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Connect to a Motorola C350 phone with iSync
Authored by: pilbery on Dec 19, '03 03:07:09PM

I got a Motorola C350 today in the UK and iSync 1.3 would not recognise it. I am running MacOS 10.3.2.
However, on opening System Profiler, there it was under USB devices.
I opened the USBDevice.plist and found that the productid from System Profiler was different to that in the plist file. I changed the permission of the file and edited it with vi, replacing the offending productid code.
And voila, the isync recognises the phone and you can sync!

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