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How to painlessly create really nice-looking equations Apps
Using TexFoG and Latex Equation Editor together allows even the Latex-illiterates like me make beautiful equations effortlessly.

I've put together a page that describes this process, along with screen shots and instructions on how to get LateX Equation Editor to use Fink's Latex.
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How to painlessly create really nice-looking equations | 9 comments | Create New Account
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Great results (+ tips)
Authored by: sinjin on Sep 17, '03 02:41:29PM
Thanks, a good equation editor was the last thing I needed to make Keynote my one and only presentation software package :-)

Some tips (well, at least this is what worked for me):

If you have fink but not LaTeX, at the command line type

$ sudo fink install tetex

This should install both the required LaTeX and Ghostscript files you need. If your download hangs (mine did, 4 attempts on a 50MB file, 99% complete), hit ctrl-c, select quit/abandon (don't delete or retry the download). Then run "sudo fink install tetex" again, fink should begin more downloads and installing files, but will eventually report a checksum error. At this point select "assume partial download and continue".

One last bit of advice, make sure to follow the footnote at the bottom of wgscott's linked page of instructions: open the preferences in "Equation Editor" and change the paths for the LaTeX and Ghostscript binaries both to /sw/bin/.

With that done I now have an excellent equation editor that blows the doors of the Microsoft version in quality AND allows me to learn LaTeX syntax in the process. Nice!

Thanks again wgscott!

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Equation service
Authored by: SOX on Sep 17, '03 03:15:36PM

The latest version of equation service works like a dream. It creates re-sizable true pdf pastable clips with transparent or opaue backgrounds. And since its a service you can use is in any program that supports text and graphics. Just write the tex equation, highlight it, select equation service from the services menu and voila beautiful vector graphic (not bitmap) eqautions. Or if you prefer use their gui interface and drag/drop it where you like.

a tip: DONT install the tex2pdf stuff they recommend on the equation service web site. instead just use the one in fink by changing the settings in the equation service prefs.

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TexFOG problems anyone seen this?
Authored by: SOX on Sep 17, '03 03:30:08PM

I'm having problems with TeXFog. if I select any tab besides the first one, the buttons are blank! pressing them does cause one to get results like \circ
but the button itself shows not picture of the item in question.
anybody know how to fix this?

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TexFOG problems anyone seen this?
Authored by: wgscott on Sep 17, '03 05:24:45PM

I just re-downloaded in case they broke it with a newer version and it still works ok in my hands.

Try deleting "TeX FoG.plist" in


otherwise I am at a loss. Maybe try re-downloading if you haven't tried that.

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non-fink install
Authored by: j-beda on Sep 18, '03 09:53:46AM
I thought I entered this last night but it hasn't shown up...

Rather than mess around installing fink, it is very easy to just use Gerben Wierda's i-Installer to get the latest TeX and Ghostscript. I think his is generally more up-to-date than fink's. You have to click past the photo of the newborn to get to the content.

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How to painlessly create really nice-looking equations
Authored by: jimjmcn on Sep 18, '03 03:04:02PM

equation editor in appleworks seems more useful and easier

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How to painlessly create really nice-looking equations
Authored by: ennisdb on Sep 20, '03 06:35:13PM

So I've been messing around with both Equation Service and Equation Editor together with TexFog. There are some nice features, but the seeming inability to change the background color of an equation so that it blends with a presentation slide and the lack of ability to write out matrices in full form (ie 3x3 matrix with entries filled in) makes me think I'll continue to use the Microsoft EquationEditor for a while...

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Background Color In Equation Service
Authored by: googoo on Sep 22, '03 09:59:34AM

You CAN control both the background and foreground colors in Equation Service (or any other LaTeX variant). Furthermore, you can create equations with transparent backgrounds. (See the Style tab in preferences.)

As for creating matrices and other mathematical notation, LaTeX is much more powerful than Microsoft Editor. It is just not the most user-friendly interface (i.e., command driven). I encourage you to learn more about LaTeX, and maybe you will change your tune about using it. Here is a good Web site to get you started.


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How to painlessly create really nice-looking equations
Authored by: scottcarney on Sep 24, '03 12:37:27AM

Thanks! The equation editor is really great. The microsoft eq. editor just looks terrible for all but the simplest algebraic equations. I got Keynote just to use with this editor and am quite happy with Keynote as well (as opposed to MS PPT). I'd add a few caveates: I am already a Tex/LaTex user and can write pages of equations without compiling and have it then compile bug-free. LaTex is a typesetting language with some start-up overhead like any programming language. One rather nice feather of MS eq.ed. not available here is that equations created with MS can be edited with a simple click on the object in PPT. With this Latex editor and Keynote, you'll have to go back and find the equation in your library (you saved it, right?) These are not big problems for me and well worth the huge improvement in visual presentation.

TexFog did not seem so great. I much prefer TeXShop (<a href=""></a>) which works really well with the standard tetex distro as well.

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