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Use non-Roman fonts in Illustrator X Apps
If you're a designer who works in the North American version of Illustrator 10, you'll find that (unlike other OS X programs) it can't read non-Roman fonts such as Chinese and Japanese. So, what you'll need to do is outline the fonts. This requires the installation of GhostScript, and you'll also need a PostScript printer.

To avoid the command line, I've written a collection of AppleScript frontends to some conversion utilities in GhostScript. These scripts will also help you get a copy of GhostScript, if needed. Here's the link on Versiontracker: PS2PDF and Friends.

After installation, open the file containing the non-Roman text. Select the text and change the font size to 36 points or larger. Then you'll need to save this into a PostScript file. To do this, go to the printer dialog box (Command-P), change the "Copies & Pages" menu to "Output Options," then change "Save as File" from PDF to PostScript. Click the "Save..." button.

Locate the .ps file you just saved, and drag and drop it into the PS2PS script found in the PS2PDF and Friends -> Optimization folder. A similarly-named .ps file should appear in the location of the original .ps file. Open this file in Illustrator, and the non-Roman text will be outlined!

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Use InDesign!
Authored by: funwithstuff on Sep 16, '03 10:38:30AM

Easier: if you have InDesign, use it instead. It handles Unicode fonts, converts to outlines, and copies straight into Illustrator. Imports RTF unicode text directly, too.

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Use InDesign!
Authored by: arglborps on Sep 16, '03 10:56:34PM

And it can handle multiple page documents. I'm just working on a fricking 56 page pamphlet, done in Illustrator--argh!

The best thing about the English version is that it can open all of the Japanese documents, but has lost all of the links to the placed images, because most of the file names contain Japanese characters. Jeez! This is OS X, ever heard of Unicode, WTF?!

I get more and more disappointed by Adobe.

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Use non-Roman fonts in Illustrator X
Authored by: kyngchaos on Sep 16, '03 01:53:51PM

Huh? I've been using Illustrator 10 (yes, N American) with Apple's TT CJK fonts and the OTF Japanese fonts (despite Adobe's claims that OTF fonts don't work in Ill 10) that came with InDesign since Ill 10 came out.

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Use non-Roman fonts in Illustrator X
Authored by: joestalin on Sep 16, '03 02:08:35PM

Same here. In fact, Illustrator has supported double-byte character sets since version 8 (I think), and even the US version includes several specific features for dealing with Japanese, like kinsoku shori.

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But you can't copy/paste
Authored by: vladimus on Sep 16, '03 03:40:21PM

Sorry, I should've been more clear on this. Illustrator will use double-byte (non Roman) fonts, but you can't simply copy and paste out of another program like Word or TextEdit, and PDFs won't import correctly, either.

This hint outlines the fonts so you can get the text in without figuring out how to retype it.

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But you can't copy/paste
Authored by: maxgraphic on Sep 16, '03 04:49:34PM

I have no trouble copying Japanese text from TextEdit and pasting it into Illustrator 10. You do have to make sure you've selected a Japanese font, of course.

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But you can't copy/paste
Authored by: vladimus on Sep 16, '03 05:03:39PM

Good to know. Changing the font in Illustrator and then pasting does work.

However, if you don't know which fonts to use, copying and pasting won't work. This is especially true in mixed language documents.

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But you can't copy/paste
Authored by: arekkusu on Sep 16, '03 10:41:13PM

Illustrator is designed to work with CJK text, and has been for many years.

However, the text engine is still not unicode-savvy, so you can run into problems with multilingual documents. Part of that depends on the app you are copying from-- if it includes a SimpleText 'styl' resource on the pasteboard then multiple fonts/encodings ought to paste correctly. Otherwise, the font info will be lost.

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But you can't copy/paste
Authored by: clarkcb on Sep 17, '03 07:00:29PM

In my experience with Illustrator since 8, when you paste Asian text from Word into Illustrator the text often appears as nonsensical characters unless Illustrator already "knows" that you are inputting in an Asian language. I get around this by providing a hint:

  1. switch to the IME for the desired language
  2. type a single Asian character into the desired paste location
  3. paste the copied text from Word after this character
  4. delete the character from step 2

The text should paste in correctly after the hint character has been entered. It's kind of kludgy, and from another hint I see that setting the font ahead of time may also do the trick, but I haven't tried that yet and this approach has always worked for me.

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Detailed characters may need higher point sizes
Authored by: vladimus on Sep 16, '03 05:11:00PM

For detailed characters (like those in Chinese) you may need to raise the point size to 72 before saving as a PostScript file.

GhostScript has a tendency to rasterize fonts that are very detailed. Raising the point size fixes this.

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