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Use a PlayStation gamepad on OS X System
There is a fantastic solution for using the good ol' PS2 Dual Shock (or any other PlayStation controller) on the Mac for all of your gaming needs.

The PS Joy Converter (USB), manufactured by Boom, is just that solution. While there are handfuls of these types of devices, this is the only one I have found is truly plug-and-play and works perfectly in conjunction with software such as USB Overdrive or (even better), GamePad Companion.

I ordered two, and when used in conjunction with GamePad Companion, two-player gaming is supported. I purchased mine from

Highly recommended!
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Use a PlayStation gamepad on OS X
Authored by: Diggory on Sep 08, '03 09:46:15AM
I bought a similar device from Lik-Sang in 1999 - I can also recommend them - Mine also has an N64 controller port (perfect for those N64 Emulators)

monkeyfood software -

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Buyer beware!
Authored by: Brian Kendig on Sep 08, '03 12:16:58PM
Be careful! I bought a pair of PS-PC USB Converters from Lik-Sang a few months ago, and they weren't recognized by the Mac at all. As in, they didn't even show up in System Profiler as attached USB devices. Other people have had success with these... but I didn't.

Lots of these adapters are cheaply made and not always compatible, sometimes they'll only work with PS2 controllers and not PS1 (or vice-versa) or they won't work with dance pads, and sometimes the seller won't take returns if they don't work. Buyer beware!

In particular, I'm suspicious of the FAQ for the PS Joy Converter, which says that it works under Mac OS X but not under Mac OS 9. If it's HID-compliant, wouldn't it work with either? Does it need drivers, or something?

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Use a PlayStation gamepad on OS X
Authored by: G-Mantle on Sep 08, '03 02:23:50PM

Radio Shack also sells a convenient PS->USB adapter, which I use with Gamepad Companion all the time. It's just $10, and you don't have to pay shipping.

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Use a PlayStation gamepad on OS X
Authored by: ihafro on Sep 10, '03 01:47:49AM

The RadioShack USB adapter is great. Fairly well built, works under OS9 and OSX using the generic HID drivers. Decently built and only $10 to boot! I've used two of them with both an old standard playstation controller (no vibrate/sticks) and a newer dual shock controller. Niether has had a problem.



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Use a PlayStation gamepad on OS X
Authored by: jasongutierrez on Sep 08, '03 02:24:29PM

XBOX users may want to check out the SuperJoy Box 10 which allows you to hookup 2 controllers simultaneously.

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How about the dancepads?
Authored by: vgz on Sep 08, '03 04:16:05PM
Anyone tried this with a dance pad and StepMania []?

Does it work properly when you have to hit 2 buttons at the same time?

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How about the dancepads?
Authored by: mistercow on Sep 08, '03 04:20:36PM

Actually, quite a few of the adapters on Lik-sang don't mention mac compatibility unless you look in the read me. Several adapters that are dance pad compatible can be found there. To find out if it is compatible you can look at

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USB Overdrive or Gamepad Companion?
Authored by: jecwobble on Sep 09, '03 09:28:39AM

May not be the most effective place to ask this question, but I haven't yet purchased a resgistration number for either of these (and the Companion's grace period is just about to expire).

What are the pros and cons of each? At this point, I only have a used USB Gravis GamePad, but I would like to connect two controllers (PS?) so my kids can play two player games.

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