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Prevent repeated Keychain password requests System
I recently switched to Entourage for mail (I got corrupted Mail files, and couldn't clean it up, but that's another story). Anyway, It was asking for my Keychain password over and over, about 30 times a day.

It turns out that I had two keychain files. Run Keychain Access (in Applications -> Utilities) and it will show all keychains. Delete one, and Keychain will only ask once.
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Prevent repeated Keychain password requests
Authored by: robmorton on Aug 29, '03 10:18:34AM

Just something to think about. Entourage keeps all of its mail, calendar, etc in one giant file. If you get file corruption there, it will redefine sucking for you.

I used to use Entourage but switched to Mail. I have two keychains and never had the problem you are describing. Mail and Entourage handle the keychain differently though. Entourage will keep accessing the keychain each time it needs a password. This can keep the keychain active if you have them getting locked after a certain amount of time, but you need to check your mail more frequently than the Keychain locking itself. Mail, gets the passwords once and then the Keychain can lock itself and mail won't care.

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Prevent repeated Keychain password requests
Authored by: ragengs on Aug 29, '03 12:26:55PM

Well i had a similar problem but i kept the second keychain
What i did is open keychain access then click on the new keychain. in the edit menu go to "name of your keychain" Settings and change the settings to not check after time inactivity and not to lock when sleeping. then it will ask you on once or never depending on the keychain rights.

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same problem
Authored by: jason mark on Aug 29, '03 06:15:49PM

I just had the same problem I think part of the problem may have been I was moving machines, so I moved my old Keychain to my new machine.

I went into my library and deleted all keychains. It took me 3 tries for some reason, but it finally worked. :)

Next time I'll try the Keychain Access

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Prevent repeated Keychain password requests
Authored by: Anonymous on Aug 29, '03 08:15:42PM
We're talking about keychains ... doubt it's needed here in particular, but don't forget about Keychain First Aid.

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Prevent repeated Keychain password requests
Authored by: DC Watts on Aug 30, '03 04:29:47PM

Also found this approach on >

If you checked, "Save my Password..." in Accounts, then try the following fix:

1. go to the system keychain and delete the entry for that account.
OS X: Open Keychain to delete
OS 9: System Folder>Preferences>Keychain.

2. Go to Entourage, select 'accounts' from the Tools menu, choose the account that was giving you trouble and click on Edit. Select the 'account settings' tab.

3. Delete the password from the password box in the POP settings (leaving the box empty).

4. Close the account window.

5. Re-open the account window and enter your proper password, check the 'save in keychain' check box and close the window again.

The password should now stick.

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Prevent repeated Keychain password requests
Authored by: mjones1040 on Sep 01, '03 11:09:39AM

I agree with this. Both DC Watts and ragengs are right. This is what I have done and I rarely have Entourage ask for access to the keychain unless I modify my accounts or preferences in some way. I've gone months without it asking for access. I don't understand why having multiple keychains should cause a problem unless the accounts are duplicated with different settings... I use Entourage because I think it is much better than Apple's Mail. Yes there are some issues with it, but I still like it better than Mail or Eudora. I just wish that I could import my mail from my AOL pfc and get rid of AOL!

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Prevent repeated Keychain password requests
Authored by: pruebadotinfo on Sep 02, '03 06:39:10PM

What version of Mail corrupted your messages? I had that problem about a year ago, which is why I switched to Entourage, but now that is giving me problems. I would like to go back to mail, but not if the current version is still causing message corruption.

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