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Airport cards may cause kernel panics on 12" PowerBooks System
We call the 12.1 G4 (the aluminum case 12.1) a P99 so bear with me. If you have a kernel panic on a P99 unit, before calling tech support because you can't get it fixed, check out the AirPort card if you have one -- it's located in the battery compartment. Make sure that it is seated properly. If it isn't, the loose card can cause kernel panics. Just a little FYI type thing for those who have this unit.
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Airport cards may cause kernel panics on 12" PowerBooks | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Had this problem once.
Authored by: rufo on Aug 29, '03 10:30:11AM

When I had installed the Airport card it had worked fine, but apparently I had jolted the machine somehow, as it came loose once. Of course I didn't know this at the time, but the Airport was working weirdly one day (when the previous day it had worked just fine), that was the only thing I could think of. I shut down my Mac, opened the battery compartment and lo and behold, the card was coming out of it's socket. Reseating the card did indeed solve the problem.

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Airport cards may cause kernel panics on 12" PowerBooks
Authored by: Paul Turnbull on Aug 29, '03 11:05:00AM

Just to back this one up, I had this problem when I first got my 12" PB. Took awhile to figure out. If you are having this problem you may notice things like kernel panics when the machine is moved or flexed. I once had it happen when accidently kicked the leg of the table the PB was on. Once I figured out the cause and reseated the Airport card all problems ended.

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Mine would hang at boot-time
Authored by: miker71 on Aug 29, '03 12:24:30PM

I had very similar experience when I got my 12" PB back in June.

Initially it was all fine, but the problem got slowly worse over the course of the evening until ...

It would hang with a black screen at boot - very disconcerting!

After reseating the Airport card (by pushing it in firmly maybe a further half centimetre!) everything was fine.

I think Apple may have gremlins in the factory

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17-inch PowerBooks get Airport panicky too
Authored by: tlassiter on Sep 02, '03 11:23:24PM

17-inch PowerBooks also apparently are prone to this problem. Mine was, and from reading Apple's discussion boards, others are. too. But on the large PowerBook, the card is not user accessible.

After I had a kernel panic, the machine could not see the Airport card. Period. Nor could I get it to reboot. When it ate the boot/repair CD, it was time for a trip to Houston.

It took two trips to the repair lab to get my laptop straightened out ... and I'm not sure I trust it yet. I think there were gremlins in the factory. Especially if new PowerBooks are announced soon in Paris.

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