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Transcode video with VideoLAN Client Apps
VideoLAN is currently the best media player for OS X at this moment (IMHO anyway). With the new releases of 0.6.x, you're now able to transcode video played through VideoLAN pretty easily.

Open the VideoLAN client. Open a file that you want to play and/or transcode using File -> Open (I don't think any of the other options have the required advanced options). Select the file (or stream) that you want to open using Browse (an unencrypted DVD VIDEO_TS folder can be opened using the Disc tab), and make sure you check the box at the bottom labeled "Advanced Output," then click on "Settings."

You can either stream the file across a network (here's something for another hint) or play it to a file. With 0.6.x, VideoLAN Client added the ability to transcode video. There are 'trancode options' in the center of the Settings dialog.

I normally just go from DIVX to MPEG1 or 2 (and use it only when ffmpeg can't do the trick), so I just check 'Video' and use mpgv as the containter (bitrate varies) and check 'Audio' and 'mpga' (but just about anything will do ... ymmv). Then click on 'OK' twice and there she starts playing. I think you'll need a fast machine to transcode and play at the same time.
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Transcode video with VideoLAN Client
Authored by: VEGx on Aug 28, '03 11:12:24AM

MPlayer [and Mencoder] do a pretty decent job too... I'd say MPlayer is equal to VideoLAN Client, or even superior since in MPlayer I can save my playlist... haven't found out how to same it in VLC... but then again... it might be just me...

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Good way to get Video off VCD/SVCD too
Authored by: tetsuotheironman on Aug 28, '03 01:07:44PM

This is also a good way to get the video off a SVCD disc in the native mpeg2 format as there is not a good way to do this in OS X without losing some info at the end of the file..

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Transcode video with VideoLAN Client
Authored by: bluehz on Aug 28, '03 07:20:30PM

Can you give a little more detail about how to transcode? Whats teh exact process? For one thing I am not seeing any "transcode settings" even in the "Advanced Settings". Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. Checks the VLC docs, but they don't seem to say anything about transcoding either.

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using correct version..
Authored by: tetsuotheironman on Aug 28, '03 07:35:13PM

you must be using the latest version of Videolan for this to work...
at the very bottom.. before you open a file... there is an option to check for 'Advanced Output'

check this box and you can stream/transcode video..

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using correct version..
Authored by: bluehz on Aug 29, '03 07:48:03AM

I finally got it. Seems you have to select "Open Disk" to get the Advanced checkbox. You will still get a chance to select only a file in the dialog that appears though.

Doesn't really matter though. Every time I tried transcoding something using various settings, VLC would fail with some error... can't remember exactly, something about being "stuck". Never completed even the smallest transcode.

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using correct version..
Authored by: bluehz on Aug 29, '03 07:53:27AM

... also - I was looking for a way to use the cli version of VLC, but I never found any info. Turns out if you go into the VLC pkg contents, and execute the VLC command in the terminal you will be able to use the cli client.

cd /Applications/vlc-0.6.2/VLC/contents/MacOS
./VLC -h

if you just execute ./VLC all it does is luanch the app itself.

Some interesting stuff inside the pkg too. Have a look at /Applications/vlc-0.6.2/VLC/contents/MacOS/share/ some interesting admin web pages. NOt sure exactly how they are used though. I was impressed to find that VLC can actually be used to stream files TO other location. Similar to a poorman's QuickTimeStreamingServer... also VLS, is a full fledged QTSS replacement.

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Transcode video with VideoLAN Client
Authored by: tetsuotheironman on Aug 28, '03 07:51:28PM
there isn't much doc wise at the site (nothing OS X specific)
Doc Links

there's some cmdline stuff (notice the section on Advanced Output)
here's a wiki page mentioning it.. (but nothing doc wise yet)

this help?

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Transcode video with VideoLAN Client
Authored by: macman13 on Aug 29, '03 08:33:14AM

This might sound like a stupid question, but, what the heck is transcode and what application does this play in video? (Application meaning 'what does it apply to' and not App)

Is this similar to 'ripping' video off DVDs?

Does this allow saving video in other formats? If so, what formats?


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Transcode video with VideoLAN Client
Authored by: tetsuotheironman on Aug 29, '03 10:26:51AM

transcoding is the process or converting one video format to another.. for instance you can use this to transcode a divx movie into mpg1 to burn on a VCD (although ffmpegX is better suited for this)

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